Enrolment Process

  1. Attend
    Attend Open Day
    Book Open Day
  2. Application
    Invitation to Apply*
    (Application Fee)
  3. Take Assesment T
    Learner Profile Assessment
  4. Interview
    Interview Stage
  5. Notification T
    Offer Notification
  6. Accept
    (Acceptance Fee)

*Applications for Year 7 in 2024 and 2025 will be automatically placed on a waiting list. There are limited spots available in other Year levels.

Please note Year 7 2024 and 2025 are currently full. Applications for these year levels will automatically be placed on a waiting list and only reviewed if a place becomes available. All applications are subject to availability at all stages of the enrolment process.

Enrolment Process

  1. Open Day - To attend an Open Day you must Register your details. Registered participants will be invited to attend the next available Open Day.
  2. Invitation to Apply - Once Open Day is attended, an application form is sent. Attendance at an Open Day is required prior to receiving an application form. Submissions will be charged an Application Fee.  
  3. Learner Profile Assessment - Once applied and Application Fee paid, prospective students sit a Learner Profile Assessment (applicable only to cohorts with places available and students that are currently enrolled in Kindergarten and above).
  4. Interview Stage - Selection of suitable applicants will take place prior to being invited to attend an interview with the School Executive Team.
  5. Offer Notification - Enrolment offer or notification of unsuccessful application is sent.
  6. Acceptance - Parents accept the offer and an Acceptance Fee is paid.

Register Your Interest for future Open Days.
For additional information please read our Enrolment Policy.

Parent Code of Conduct

In our commitment to creating a respectful educational environment, abusive behaviour or disrespect towards staff will not be tolerated. Any breach of this can result in withholding applications or enrolments.

Thank you for helping us maintain a respectful and harmonious community.

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2023 Fees

Effective from Term 1 2023 | All fees are in $AUD

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Year1st Child2nd Child3rd ChildAdditional Children
Prep 2 Days$4,760$4,760$4,760$4,760
Prep 3 Days$6,900$6,900$6,900$6,900
Prep 5 Days$11,150$11,150$11,150$11,150

Annual Preparatory Fees:

  • All fees are in $AUD.
  • The above figures do not include the compulsory Capital Levy – Per Family $ 1,200 pa (billed quarterly).
  • Preparatory = Pre-Kindy Program for 4 year old children only. Students enrolling in Preparatory should have turned 4 by 31st March of the year before they commence Kindergarten.
  • The aim of thePreparatory Program is to create an environment where each child becomes a successful learner and develops a love of learning. Learn more about Preparatory at Tangarahere.
  • A 3% discount is available to parents who pay their fees in full by 31 January each year. Discount is applied to tuition fees only not levies or disbursements.
  • Sibling concessions do not apply to Preparatory enrolments.
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Year1st Child2nd Child3rd ChildAdditional Children
Year 1 - 2$4,940$4,594$4,446Nil
Year 3 - 4$7,570$7,040$6,813Nil
Year 5 - 6$10,200$9,486$9,180Nil
Year 7$12,400$11,532$11,160Nil
Year 8$13,800$12,834$12,420Nil
Year 9 -12 $16,200$15,066$14,580Nil

Annual Tuition Fees

  • All fees are in $AUD.
  • There is no charge for tuition fees or levies for additional enrolled children (4th concurrent enrolment onwards).
  • The above figures do not include the compulsory Capital Levy – Per Family $ 1,200 pa (billed quarterly).
  • Tuition fees are charged on a termly basis. The school year consists of 4 terms.
  • Students enrolling in Kindergarten should have turned 5 by 31st March of the intake year.
  • A 3% discount is available to parents who pay their fees in full by 31 January each year. Discount is applied to tuition fees only not levies or disbursements.
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YearPrep 2 DaysPrep 3 DaysPrep 5 DaysKindergartenYear 1-2Year 3-4Year 5-6Year 7Year 8Year 9-10Year 11Year 12
Annual CTL$1,035$1,485$1,980$1,450$1,520$1,805$1,940$2,230$2,300$2,505$2,505$1,875

All fees are in $AUD

Compulsory Curriculum and Technology Levy (CTL)
This incorporates a Technology component of $800 for costs associated with the provision of electronic devices and education programs/software.

From 2023, the CTL will cover the provision of many more curriculum-related materials, incursions, minor excursions, and activities which were previously charged separately to parents. This will provide more certainty to parents and reduce the need to make extra payments. The CTL excludes camps (eg; year camps) and major excursions and some elective/music fees.

All fees are in $AUD

Annual Family Capital Levy* $1,200 per annum per Tangara/Redfield family

Enrolment Application Fee* $200 per family

Enrolment Acceptance Fee* $1,000 (first child), $500 (each additional child)

*Having this levy and sibling concessions for fees apply to one family across two schools (Tangara School and Redfield College) is unique to the schools of the Pared Foundation.

Notice of Withdrawal
A full School Term’s written notice of a relocation or withdrawal of a student from the School, and it must be given to the Principal in writing. If this notice is not given ONE term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice. The fees will be calculated from the fee schedule immediately following the departure date. Upon receipt of notice of withdrawal, any adjustment to the invoiced tuition fees will be made. If a student is withdrawn, any balance due to the school for that student, must be paid in full, on or before the student’s final day of attendance.

Edstart Logo Small.png

Tangara School for Girls partnered with Edstart. Edstart is a leading provider of payment and technology services for the education sector in Australia, and is the payment platform we use to receive all Fee payments.

Every family must create an Edstart Plus account before their child commences at Tangara. With Edstart you can choose when and how to schedule Fee payments, with flexible options for when circumstances change.

How does it work?

  1. Set up your Edstart Plus account by visitingwww.edstart.com.au/pared
  2. You can select the frequency of your Fee payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, termly or annually) as well as the date you would like to be charged, and by which payment method you prefer.
  3. Edstart will contact you to finalise the setup for your Edstart Plus account.

If you have any questions regarding the payment of your child’s Fees, please contact Edstart in the first instance by calling 1300 139 445 or emailing contact@edstart.com.au. The customer service team are available Monday-Friday between 8AM-8PM.

As part of our commitment to parents, the school absorbs the administrative fees for your Edstart Plus account, so this service is free for families to use.

Benefits of using Edstart

  • Parents can choose any date/day on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, termly or annual basis for fee payments to be made
  • Fee payments can be spread over a full 12-month period
  • Changes to the payment date can be made at any time, at no cost
  • Credit Card payments are surcharge-free
  • During difficult times, families can be offered flexible payment schedules and payment holidays can be accommodated
  • Edstart offers families an option to extend the term of their repayments beyond 12 months (there is a cost for this option called Edstart Extend).
  • School fees that are paid in full by 31 January are eligible for a 3% discount.

For further information, please read our Edstart FAQs page.

2023 Term Dates

Term 1
Tuesday 31 January to Thursday 6 April / 10 weeks

Term 2
Wednesday 26 April to Friday 23 June / 9 weeks

Term 3
Monday 17 July to Friday 22 September / 10 weeks

Term 4
Tuesday 10 October to Wednesday 6 December / 9 weeks

2024 Term Dates

Term 1
Wednesday 31 January to Fri 12 April / 11 weeks

Term 2
Tuesday 30 April to Fri 28 June / 9 weeks

Term 3
Wednesday 24 July to Friday 27 September / 10 weeks

Term 4
Tuesday 15 October to Wednesday 4 December / 8 weeks