Edstart FAQs


You can set up your account at any time. All school parents must have created their Edstart Plus account before their child commences at the School. Sign up now by visiting www.edstart.com.au/pared

Once the Edstart team receive your application, they will contact you to finalise the set-up of your Edstart account.

Each time you receive a Fee invoice from us, Edstart will pay it and process your fee payment based on your chosen payment method and schedule.

Each family needs to create only one Edstart account. If your children attend more than one Pared school, you will be able to pay both school fees via your one Edstart Plus account. You do not need more than one account.

Edstart will calculate your actual payments based on the amount on the Fee invoice you receive from Pared. Each time you receive a Fee invoice from us, Edstart will pay it and process your fee payment based on your chosen payment method and schedule.

Please note, upon setting up your account, the fees on the Edstart calculator are indicative only. You will find the payable amount on your Fees Invoice.

No, Pared will provide these to Edstart commencing 2023. If you commenced your arrangement in 2022 you may be asked for an invoice or statement which we can provide to you or Edstart on your behalf.

  • Families have the option to choose their preferred payment frequency (annually, termly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly) to suit their budget and personal circumstances
  • Families can make adjust when payments are made at any time, at no cost
  • Edstart provides our school parents with a dedicated customer service team who can be contacted Monday - Friday between 8AM and 8PM by calling 1300 139 445 or emailing contact@edstart.com.au.

There are no fees or charges for using Edstart Plus for your school fees. The school absorb all transaction fees associated with Edstart Plus so it’s free for our school parents to use.

Edstart Plus is payment platform for Pared to receive your school fee payments. What you pay through Edstart is exactly what you would normally pay to the school. It is not classified as a loan or credit, and no enquiry or account is added to your credit file.

Before setting up your account, Edstart is required by law to verify your identity and does this by cross-referencing the details on your credit report. This does not impact your credit score and no enquiry or account is added to your credit file.

If you do not wish for Edstart to access your credit report, you have the option to provide your Driver's Licence or Passport instead.

As Edstart is regulated by the Government it is required by law to verify your identity and does this by cross-referencing your details on a driver’s licence or passport. This is not used for any other purpose.

Edstart has implemented a range of the best processes and technology available to help keep your account safe and secure. More information about their data and security is available at edstart.com.au/security

Edstart holds a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Pared has partnered with Edstart to act as a payment portal for the Pared schools and to provide parents with as much flexibility with their school fees as possible.

If you pay your fees annually, please set up your account with Edstart with the annual payment option. Those families who have selected this option will be issued an annual invoice with the 3% discount on the tuition fee. The payment deadline to receive this discount is 13 January. You will be then required to pay Edstart based on this invoice.

We understand that sometimes there will be occasions when you need flexibility with your payments. As Edstart manages all Pared school fee payments, they will work with you if the need arises to help you get back on track. Pared also works closely with Edstart so we can provide support in difficult times.

No, when setting up your Edstart account select the BPAY option, then select your payment frequency, termly or annual. There is no need to provide bank details if you pay your fees by BPAY.

If you wish to reduce your payment amount, you can apply for Edstart Extend, a separate product that allows you to spread your fees over a longer period (up to 5 years after your youngest child completes Year 12). Fees and interest charges apply.

Of course, you’re welcome to speak with us at any time. However, if your question relates to how and when to pay your school fees, please contact Edstart in the first instance by calling 1300 139 445 or emailing contact@edstart.com.au

No, from 2023 all school fees must be paid to Pared via Edstart. Pared will not accept school fees directly. Failure to pay your school fees via Edstart may result in late fee charges.

If you have a sibling discount or receive financial hardship assistance on your school fees, this will be reflected in your Fees invoice. You only pay the amount that appears on Fee invoice. When you are setting up your account, all fees displayed are indicative and do not include discounts.

This also applies to the annual fee discount. A 3% discount on school fees (excluding levies) will still be available for families who pay their annual fees by 13 January 2023.

All school levies are included in the Termly Invoice and will be paid alongside your fees via your Edstart account. Charges for extracurricular activities are not included in the Tuition Fees and Levies and are billed throughout the term. Edstart receives copies of these invoices from Pared and they can either be added to your nominated payment schedule or paid separately as an ad-hoc payment to Edstart. Please advise Edstart of your preferred method.

If a refund is required due to absence from, or cancellation of, an extra-curricular activity, after confirmation from the school, a credit note will be issued to both the family and Edstart which will be applied against the next instalment of fees Edstart pays to the school.

No. In 2023 all families with an Edstart account will have their payment profile changed in our system to “Pay by Edstart”, and any bank details you have provided previously will be deleted. You will no longer be direct debited by Pared in 2023. If you open an Edstart in 2022 the same process is followed.

If your youngest child graduates or withdraws their enrolment in 2022, you do not need to set up an Edstart account, you can continue paying fees to Pared until the end of 2022.

You can direct any question you have to Edstart’s Customer Success Team by calling 1300 139 445 or emailing contact@edstart.com.au. Their dedicated Customer Success team are available Monday - Friday between 8AM and 8PM. To set up your Edstart Plus account, visit www.edstart.com.au/pared

If you have questions yet to be answered here please email
info@pared.edu.au and we will get back to you.

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