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Welcome to Tangara’s website and thank you for your interest in our beautiful school. I hope, as you browse these pages you will be able to fully comprehend how uniquely special an education at Tangara is. Having three daughters of my own, I understand the importance of selecting a school that works in partnership with you through your most important task in life - parenting.

Since 1982, Tangara has offered families and their children a total educational experience unlike any other through our unique 1 on 1 Mentoring System. Combined with a strong academic foundation, this system differs markedly from arrangements offered in other schools by enabling a true partnership between school and parents in the development of their children.

Tangara is built on the belief that the best education develops the whole person, integrating the pursuit of academic excellence, learning of diverse skills, building of character and the development of faith. We inspire young women to embrace leadership and thrive in all areas of life through our outstanding academics and co-curricular opportunities in sport, music, drama, public speaking, community service, leadership and much more.

Our mission is summed up best in our school motto: Ad SummamVirtutem, Towards the Fullness of Virtue.

Please join us at our next Open Day where you can meet our students and our dedicated staff and see our wonderful school in action.

Rita Sakr

What makes Tangara unique

Tangara works in partnership with parents to form each child’s character, educating for personal and academic excellence.  We challenge our students to live a life of faith, and lead change for a more just and human society.

Our vision is a happy and vibrant School, highly regarded as a centre of excellence, where every child is encouraged to be the very best person they can be. Parents, staff and students work as a united team for the pursuit of character and academic success, with a commitment to service and a life of faith.

At Tangara we draw from the Christian values of faith, hope and charity. Together with the values of justice, wisdom, fortitude and temperance, they form the foundation of our school’s ethos.

These values guide our teaching and our relationships with staff, parents and students. They are demonstrated in how we interact, speak and respond to one another. At Tangara we believe that students learn more from good role modelling than just mere words.

At Tangara we aim to foster and encourage genuine relationships, where our actions match our values, and where we promote an environment in which people are encouraged to do their best but recognising that mistakes can be made, forgiven and learned from.

  • Faith - lived in daily life
  • Hope - hearts open to happiness
  • Charity - self-giving, love of God and kindness towards others
  • Justice - social responsibility and fairness
  • Wisdom - discernment in one's choices
  • Fortitude - resilience and perseverance in the pursuit of what is good
  • Temperance - balance and self-mastery

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tangara-leadership 5FL5952.jpg

Tangara girls know that leadership is first and foremost about character: leaders must be people other people want to follow.

Leading is not about personal ambition, but about serving others. Our aim at Tangara is to form women who will be leaders in all aspects of life.

Whether students are nominated for a specific leadership role or not, our hope is that our students will come to realise that success will not be measured by what they do, but rather, defined by who they are.

In Primary and Secondary there are various opportunities for  formal leadership roles where students are appointed and work collaboratively with school executives and leadership teams. In addition, students develop leadership qualities through a range of co curricular activities. These may include Mock Trial, Debating, sporting competitions, Youth Parliament, community service, and more.

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The 1 on 1 mentoring system is unique to Tangara and other Pared schools. Each student has a staff member as their individual mentor who meets with the child once a fortnight to follow progress in his or her studies, as well as character, moral and social development.

Mentor meetings are informal conversations designed to help each child grow in self-knowledge, character, and set academic and personal goals.

The mentoring system aims to support students and parents alike. Mentors and parents meet once a term to contribute their own insights about the student’s progress ensuring that school and homework as one in the best interest of the child.

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Virtues Program
Fostering the development of character means helping students grow in the virtues needed to flourish as human beings, including responsibility, good judgment, resilience and self-control.  These strong character virtues are forged through student effort in academic studies, creativity, sports, social life, and service.

Tangara’s Virtues Program teaches our students the meaning of these virtues in a theoretical way and most importantly how they can personally live out these virtues.

GIVE Program
In the Junior School, the GIVE program (Growing in Virtue Everyday) allows for specific focus and discussion on a particular virtue each week, exploring practical implications and how it may be integrated into all aspects of life.

REAL Program
The REAL program in Years 7-10 (REAL- Real Excellence and Attitude for Life) explores the science of character. The REAL Program fosters the love for an authentic, 'real' character, rather than the superficial images often promoted to girls by the media and society. Modules include internet ethics and safety, friendships, resilience, emotional intelligence, leadership, and workshops challenging the hyper-sexualisation of girls.

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Service is integral to the Tangara ethos, from the smallest acts of ‘random’ kindness to the opportunities for magnanimous self-giving offered by service projects with the elderly and disadvantaged, people with disabilities, our Year 10 Community Service Immersion Program and the Year 11 Philippines Project.

Students in Primary and Secondary are involved in a variety of community service experiences where they develop a spirit of generosity. There is no better confirmation of this than the many Tangara Old Girls who continue this tradition of service with their work in Africa, the Philippines and South America.

Whilst all students are encouraged to participate in community service, secondary students are expected to complete 20 hours of community service each year. A range of projects are provided by the school and students are encouraged to take the initiative to organise their own community service opportunities.

tangara-key-parent-functions 5FL6363.jpg

Key Parent Functions (KPF) are held in Terms 1-3 and provide an on-going program to assist and support parents in raising their children.

Each KPF is held on an evening as seminars or workshops conducted by experienced leading educators and experts.

Topics explored include:

  • Building Resilience
  • Parent-Daughter Communication
  • The Role and Importance of Fathers in Parenting
  • Understanding Girls: Challenge and Change
  • Adolescent Health Matters: Exercise, Nutrition and Eating Disorders
  • The Post-School Years: Balancing Parental Guidance and Personal Autonomy
  • The impact of the Media on the sexualisation of Girls


tangara-spirituality 5FL6591.jpg

Christ is at the centre of our school at the heart of everything we do at Tangara. Our Religious Education Program is guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our school community is immersed in a life of Christian virtue, guiding and helping each individual to discover the joy of having a close and personal relationship with God.

This personal relationship with God is encouraged through the opportunity to attend daily mass (during Mass/Reading time), availability for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, First Friday Vigils, and our annual Marian Pilgrimage and Eucharistic Procession. These Eucharistic celebrations and prayerful opportunities take place in our school Chapel.

tangara-religious-education 5FL6573.jpg

Tangara was founded on the inspiration of St Josemaria Escriva’s educational vision. He saw that genuine education must be integral, developing the whole person. He tended to use the word ‘formation’ more than education to express the idea that young people needed help to grow in character, emphasising human virtues such as generosity, humility and kindness.

Because he knew that education was more than academics, St Josemaría highlighted that the school’s role is one of supporting the parents in educating and helping to form their child’s character.

He encouraged parents to establish schools that recognise their educational rights and support their values. Today there are more than 200 schools like Tangara across the world.

The chaplains at Tangara are priests of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

At the core of Opus Dei’s mission is the teaching that all individuals are called to holiness, which can be pursued through our everyday lives and work.

This mission is fostered at Tangara by encouraging each student to strive to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well for the love of God and in the service of others.

Our Brother School Redfield

Tangara enjoys a strong relationship with our brother school Redfield College. Both schools share the same ethos and unique 1 on 1 mentoring system.

Prep-Yr 12

Co-ed from Preparatory -Year 1 Girls only from Year 2-12.

Prep-Yr 12

Preparatory - Year 12. Prep - Year 1 classes on Tangara Campus.

Our schools value a single-sex education and draw on this to provide for the pastoral and academic needs that are unique to young men and women. 

One of the benefits offered to families whose children attend both Tangara and Redfield is that the sibling concessions including the building levy and fees (based on concurrent enrolments), apply across Tangara and Redfield. For example, a family pays the  Family Building Levy once even though they have children at both schools.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in working for Tangara School for Girls, we advertise employment opportunities on this page or via seek.com.au.

>> Click here for a list of current opportunities at Tangara School for Girls

If there are no current opportunities, you may wish to submit an expression of interest for future roles with the School’s HR Team at hr@pared.edu.au

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