Our curriculum aims to cater to diverse student needs. We are a comprehensive school with a strong tradition of academic excellence. As part of our motto Ad SummamVirtutem, Educating Towards the Fullness of Virtue, each student is encouraged to achieve their personal best.

This is fostered through a curriculum that develops student’s ability to think objectively and responsibly, our positive Christian climate, and our genuine teacher student relations. 

Preparatory - Kindergarten - Year 1

Infants School

Our Preparatory program recognises the importance of the formative years in children’s development and aims to create a balance between teacher planned activities and creative play.

Our focus in Preparatory school is to teach and assist each child in development of the necessary skills required for greater independence and success at school.

The children are provided with a range of educational experiences to support a love for learning and development of social skills required for the successful integration in a formal educational setting.

Our early childhood staff works closely with the students and draw on the expertise of specialist teachers and facilities from the Junior school. The children participate in specialist Music and Religion lessons and attend our campus library once a week.

The Preparatory program operates a 2-day and 3-day program during the School Term.

We are privileged to be part of this journey as we guide you and your child through these foundational years.

These early years are crucial to the development of good habits of character, study, laying down strong foundations and instilling a love of learning. We know that the earlier your child benefits from an education which fosters these qualities, the better the chance that he or she has to become a well-rounded, happy and successful leader on the world stage.

At Tangara Infants our campus caters for girls and boys from 4 to 7 years of age starting with Prep. On the completion of Year One the girls remain on the Tangara Cherrybrook campus and move up to the Junior School, while the boys transition to the main boy’s campus of Redfield College situated in Dural.

Kindergarten and Year 1 students are situated on the Infants Campus in a bright and welcoming environment in which a high standard of work and behaviour is achieved. The classrooms are well equipped with a wide variety of teaching resources. The children have access to a play area as well as to the school’s hall and other facilities. To gain a thorough grounding in the fundamental building blocks of education, focus in the Infants school is placed on the development of the 3 prime areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional development.

In their first few years at school, each child acquires the necessary skills in literacy and numeracy upon which a first-class education is based. A strong component of the Kindergarten and Yr 1 curriculum is the use of the (Writing Road to Reading) WRAP method of instruction to teach literacy. The WRAP method is a tried and trusted phonemic programme of teaching reading, writing, and spelling in a sequential, structured manner. The method is based on sound research and students consistently achieve outcomes above grade level, setting the bar high, making for a smooth transition to the higher grades.

We also encourage an investigative approach, promote problem solving, critical and creative thinking and a keen awareness of the natural world. We leverage Digital technologies within our programmes to promote 21st century learners. A class teacher takes all core curriculum subjects including Literacy, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Information Technology, Sports, providing a well–rounded education. Specialist teachers teach Music, Library and Religion. Extra curricular music and sporting activities are also catered for.

The Grow in Virtues Everyday, GIVE Program teaches virtue. The program is based on the work of the University of Birmingham, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue.

Students focus on a different virtues every two weeks covering areas such as Kindness, Fairness, Friendship, Community service, Determination, Self-control to name but a few.

As children progress through the Infants school the programme becomes more formal and differentiation is employed to cater for the differing needs of each student. Students requiring additional support are referred to the Learning Support team giving every child the opportunity to reach their own personal potential.

Communication between home and school is crucial at this stage in a child’s education and the effectiveness and joy of early learning is enhanced when it is encouraged and continued in the home. To this end each child is assigned a mentor to support the family and provide practical guidance for character formation and growth of virtue.

Our unique system of personalised education supports each student to be the best person he or she can be, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the challenges of the exciting journey that lies ahead.

We are delighted to be working with you in the education of your child. We trust that this information will assist you help your child enjoy the challenges and wonders associated with learning as they begin their journey with us at Tangara Infants.

Year 2 to 6

Primary School

The emphasis of learning in the Junior School is the establishment of proficient literacy and numeracy skills to assist in the development of critical thinking and higher order conceptual understanding.

At Tangara, we recognise each student has individual strengths and some require support. Our teachers are equipped to differentiate learning environments and provide opportunities for progression, assisting each student to achieve her personal best.

The Curriculum in Kindergarten through to Year 6 at Tangara is aligned to the NSW Board of Studies Syllabuses and covers the mandatory Key Learning Areas. The study of Religion, as well as the Human Virtues Program, further enhance students’ learning. The use of technology is integrated through the curriculum.

Using WRAP - a multi-sensory, phonics based approach to literacy - students learn to read, spell and write. Reading is enriched through the Junior Great Books program that encourages the Socratic discussion of texts to build deeper understanding. Information literacy, communication skills and library studies are integrated throughout the English program.


A range of approaches and resources, with an emphasis on problem-solving, are used in conjunction with the Maths Online program.

Emphasizing hands-on experience, students learn about built environments, information and communication, living things, energy, space and time. Students are taught to use technology responsibly and effectively.

Students develop their understandings of Australia’s history and geography and the social, cultural, economic and political lives of its people.

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of how to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life with a strong emphasis on character development, good nutrition, and physical exercise.

Tangara’s curriculum offers many opportunities for personal expression and creativity. Drama and dance are integrated into the curriculum and visual arts and music have individual programs of learning. There is extensive enrichment through choir groups and ensembles, percussion and recorder groups, School Musicals and clubs.

Students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. They are taught the value of prayer and a personal relationship with God in their daily life.

Tangara’s Human Virtues Program (character development) teaches our students how they can personally live out the good habits needed to flourish as human beings, including responsibility, good judgement, kindness, generosity, and resilience in every facet of their life.

Year 7 to 12

Secondary School

Our Secondary school provides a rich and stimulating learning environment which encourages each girl to reach her potential , academically, creatively, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically.

The beginning years of Secondary School emphasise the foundational subjects of English, Maths, Science and the Social Sciences. Students are supported to develop strong study habits and core academic skills, to increasingly take ownership of their learning.


  • Religion
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Technology

Electives are offered from Year 9 based on student interest in particular subjects. Student choices fluctuate each year. Sometimes not all electives may be offered. 

All Years 9-10 students study the following subjects:

  • Religion
  • Philosophy (Year 10)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Mandatory History
  • Geography
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

In addition, each student selects two elective subjects, such as:

  • Commerce
  • Drama
  • French
  • Music
  • Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)
  • Textiles Technology
  • Visual Arts

We provide a comprehensive academic curriculum and offer a range of study areas matching individual abilities and interests. Courses are linked to further education and training.

In addition to the subjects offered at Tangara, students can also study recognised courses through external providers, including various languages, Board Developed Courses and Vocational Training courses. Tangara arranges the enrolment, supervision and support of these students. 

Subjects offered at Tangara are:


  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2;


  • Mathematics Standard
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2;
  • Ancient History
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Community and Family Studies (CAFS)
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Food Technology
  • French Continuers
  • Geography
  • Latin Continuers
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Visual Arts

Other extension courses are available to enable students to undertake more in-depth study in areas of special interest.

In Year 11 students continue to study Philosophy, and the study of Religion is continued in Years 11 and 12. 

Learning Support

Tangara's Learning Support team works collaboratively with the teachers and mentors to identify students with learning difficulties.

Individual Education Plans outline the personal needs of these students and the teaching strategies that will support them. The Learning Support team provides in-class assistance, individual and small group withdrawal, and supports teachers to differentiate the delivery of content, resources, activities and assessments, respecting the diverse needs of students.

Gifted and Talented

At Tangara gifted students are celebrated and accepted.

Tangara works in collaboration with parents to cater for the unique learning needs of its gifted and talented students who are entitled to rigorous and engaging learning opportunities.

Teachers are supported and trained by gifted education specialists to align programming for gifted students based on individual needs, strengths and goals.

Initiatives are based on research of current best practices using Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent.

Differentiated in-class learning, coupled with individually negotiated tasks, allows them to work at the appropriate level within a mixed ability setting. Some students may be accelerated through a whole-grade skip or in a single subject area.

Gifted and talented students have opportunities to be challenged beyond the classroom in Tangara’s extensive co-curricular programs. Identified students are mentored and meet regularly to discuss their learning needs and get the chance to connect with other like-minded peers.

HSC results

Tangara HSC Results 2023.png

Summary of 2023 HSC Results

School Summary

  • Ranked 73rd in NSW
  • 38 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 16 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students

Individual achievements

  • Students with 6 B6/ E4 results - Claudia Limbers (All-rounder 2022), Ruby Tanna (All-rounder 2022)
  • Students with 5 B6/ E4 results - Madison Lee (All-rounder 2022)
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Zofia Mrowka, Chanel Mouyat
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Claire Jilwan, Olivia Toson, Eliannah Minihan, Jemima Hanna
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Elizabeth Lennon, Isabelle Ung, Lara Tedesco, Ivana Danev, Amalia Hedley, Natalie Bouchahine, Isabella Azzi


1 (3).png

1 (2).png

School Summary

  • Ranked 37th in NSW
  • 59 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 22 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students

Individual achievements

  • Students with 5 B6/ E4 results - Sumika Nishihara, Hanna Pillai, Natalia Nader, Stephanie Pratikna (All-rounder 2021)
  • Students with 4 B6/ E4 results - Gaia Fahd, Margaret Tabuteau, Ainara Reyes, Elizabeth Fernandez
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Angela Diab, Adrienne Onglingchuan, Charlotte Landers
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Greta Boneham, Naomi Rodrigues, Karmina Del Rosario
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Romilaa Sivakumar, Isabella Grace Rudenko, Lucy Daniel, Mia Rahi, Orla Edwards, Isabella Chee, Audrey Harb, Zofia Mrowka (ranked 2nd in NSW for Polish Beginners)





School Summary

  • Ranked 25th in NSW
  • 61 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 20 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students

Individual achievements

  • Students with 6 B6/ E4 results - Olivia Bosworth (All-rounder 2020), Amy Haryanto (All-rounder 2020), Amy Weber (All-rounder 2020), Jasmine Aitken (All-rounder 2020)
  • Students with 5 B6/ E4 results - Teresa Cullen
  • Students with 4 B6/ E4 results - Sarah Woodbury, Tasnim Hassan, Catherine Murphy
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Marina Elias
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Larissa Rajakariar, Wanru Deng, Elysia Choi, Madisen Azar, Hannah Gaddi, Monica Furcciniti
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Annique Wolter, Andrea Bennett, Faith Touma, Maida Rana, Armani Makaj

School Summary

  • Ranked 103rd in NSW
  • 30 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 15 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students

Individual achievements

  • Students with 4 B6/ E4 results - Jenina Lui, Gabrielle Landers, Christina Baterna
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Helena Stoodley, Chantal Kos
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Julia Gutierrez, Keika Nishihara
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Francesca Sugiaman, Therese Wittenberg, Danielle Panayi, Angela Lee, Katie Lang, Mercedes Dunn, Rachael Gaitau, Claire Bookallil

School Summary

  • Ranked 92nd in NSW
  • 24 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 14 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students

Individual achievements

  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Evelyn Yu, Jayda Watson, Isabella Tan-Paredes, Teresa Kizana
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Aoife Edwards, Bianca Barbero
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Katrina Rajakariar, Rebecca Lennon, Katherine Koslow, Maria Tsakonas, Shanice Hajje, Katelyn del Rosario, Celine Daaboul, Clara Choi

School Summary

  • Ranked 26th in NSW
  • 67 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 21 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students
  • 1 State Rank (Top Achiever)

Individual achievements

  • Students with 6 B6/ E4 results - Faith Limantono (All-rounder 2017)
  • Students with 5 B6/ E4 results - Marie-Bernadette Morad, Isobel Patmore, Lucy Chee, Annabelle Woodbury (All-rounder 2017), Michaela Munasinghe (All-rounder 2017, ranked 11th in NSW for Business Studies)
  • Students with 4 B6/ E4 results - Charlotte Sarkis, Abigail Corbett
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Belinda Sugiaman, Lucy Tudehope, Taris Watson, Grace Faehrmann, Dixie Galinato
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Erika Mercado, Yiling McGregor, Sarah Kennaugh, Pascale Elzerman, Anna Engesser
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Kaitlin Dransfield, Elizabeth Gooley, Isabel Fernandez-Villaverde

School Summary

  • Ranked 76th in NSW
  • 35 Total Band 6/Band E4 results
  • 12 Unique Band 6/Band E4 Students
  • 1 State Rank (Top Achiever)

Individual achievements

  • Students with 6 B6/ E4 results - Clair Daher (All-rounder 2016, ranked 9th in NSW for Business Studies)
  • Students with 5 B6/ E4 results - Ann-Maree Sarkis, Nicole Daher (All-rounder 2016)
  • Students with 4 B6/ E4 results - Clara Fernandez
  • Students with 3 B6/ E4 results - Jill Tengco, Gabrielle Murphy, Jennifer Healey
  • Students with 2 B6/ E4 results - Anastasia Abrams
  • Students with 1 B6/ E4 results - Kezia Tiaman, Radah Moufarrej, Maryanne Carmody, Joyce Fidel
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