Last Friday was very exciting for the Year 6 students as they attended their Year 6 Graduation. The evening began with a beautiful mass followed by a gathering in the undercroft. Many Year 6 parents had helped to decorate the Undercroft with flowers, balloons, drinks, canapés and the infamous lolly bar! It was a glorious sight which honoured the end of the girls’ time in Primary School.
Year 6 entertained the parents with the Dr Seuss poem which had been set to music: “Oh The places We’ll Go”. The poem talks about great achievements and where the girls might be heading now as they enter High School. Mrs Chigwidden's speech also reflected on the words of Dr Seuss and gave the girls some thoughts to take with them.
The Year 6 were then presented with a graduation T-shirt. Wrapped inside was a heartfelt message from an anonymous classmate. These messages meant so much to the girls. The slideshow at the end of the evening was great fun for the girls to look back at younger photos of themselves!
All the girls would like to thank the Year 6 parents for their time and efforts with organising the Graduation and all the staff at Tangara who have taught and supported them through their Primary years.
We wish the Class of 2024 all the best in High School, "we know they’ll go far"!
Mrs Falvey and Mrs Shackle
Year 6 Teachers.