From the 31 August to the 2 September, 12 Year 8 students attended a Classics Camp in Elanora Heights. Overall there were 145 students from about 15 different schools. We arrived at 7pm on Friday night and participated in an introductory session with our tribe as well as our first rehearsal for the Saturday night show. Tribes consisted of around 12 students and each had to prepare the reenactment a famous mythical legend.

The next day, we went on an intriguing bushwalk where we listened to famous Roman legends and were taken into the Underworld. Thankfully no one was left behind and we all safely returned to the world of the living!

Other activities consisted of a Roman Army Session, a Gladiatorial Fight and Slave Market reenactment experience, Lottus which was a Latin version of Bingo using Latin numbers and Roman numerals, Arts and Craft where we made tee-shirts and badges, as well as the Saturday night concert which was a major highlight of the weekend.

On the last day, we competed with our tribes in Olympics games which consisted of wacky challenges and games, as well as the great triumphal parade where we marched around the oval to celebrate the success of the camp. We also competed in a game of Trivia based on everything we had learnt throughout the weekend.

Overall we all had a great time discovering new aspects of Ancient Rome and Latin, and we enjoyed making new friends. Thanks Mrs Uphill!

By Lara Tedesco, Caitlin Bernardo, Jessica Hoogwerf, Trinity Hawnt, Breanna Rochester, Isabelle Ung, Maya McMullen, Christa Attard, Sophia Ayoub, Alessi Younes, Madeline Ragell, Eliza Daher.