By Simoni, Angela, Sarah, Stephanie (Year 8)

 Monday 31 July was a very enjoyable day for us four Year 8 students as we took part in a Maths Challenge day hosted by Pymble Ladies College. On arrival at PLC, we were split up into teams of four with 3 other students from varying schools and were allocated a supervising teacher from a different school. The day was divided into 3 sections. The morning section comprised of 10 questions for which we were given 45 minutes. In our teams, we allocated a few questions to each member and then cross-checked answers with each other.

In the second section, after recess, we did a cross number challenge in which we split the groups of 4 into pairs and one pair was handed the ‘down’ questions and the other pair the ‘across’ questions. One pair could only communicate to the other pair through the supervising teacher, so this was certainly a challenge that tested our maths skills and patience! For the second activity of the second section, we remained in pairs but one pair was required to solve one question in order for the other pair to solve their question. If one answer was wrong, all the following answers would be incorrect as well, so we all needed to pay special attention to our calculations!

After lunch we put our sport shoes on for the third section; this section was a relay section for which we also remained as pairs. One pair from the team was pair ‘A’ and the other pair was pair ‘B’. Pair B moved to a different table while pair A stayed. The teachers, instead of being stationed at the tables, were stationed across the front of the hall. One member of Pair A was required to run to their teacher at the front of the hall, collect their question, run back to the table, answer it and then run back to the teacher to have it marked. If correct, pair A received the next question, which they then delivered to their corresponding pair B for them to solve. Pair B would have to solve it and then deliver the following question to pair A, and so on till the time was up. This game was all a test of speed as our aim in this activity was to finish as many questions as possible!

At the end of the day, after the relay activity the results were announced and we then departed from PLC with Mrs de Kock and Mrs Morad, back to school. The teams that Mrs de Kock and Mrs Morad supervised both won 1st and 3rd place respectively overall. Despite the cold weather and rain, this day was a very exciting and challenging day for us all and we all thoroughly enjoyed working with students from other schools and sharing our knowledge.

We all feel extremely lucky to have teachers like Mrs de Kock and Mrs Morad, who arranged for us to participate in this enriching event as well as transported us there and back. We would all like to thank Mrs de Kock and Mrs Morad, as this truly wouldn’t have been possible without them!