Last Friday 6th September, Year 5 went on a trip of a lifetime to Bathurst! We arrived at school at 5:45am! We were all jumping around waiting for our excursion to Bathurst. Our first stop was at Echo Point and we saw The Three Sisters.

Finally, we arrived at Bathurst Goldfields. We had a tour guide called “Uncle Merv.” He showed us the Gold Digger Museum, and how in the shaft mines, the miners used candles made from animal fat. We also learnt about how they used a dolly and dolly pot to crush quartz to find gold.

In the Gold Museum, we were shown how people dressed in the 1850’s, and how women used to have dresses down to their ankles. There was a lot of entertainment on the gold fields which we learnt about; such as pianos, fiddles, singing, playing cricket and playing made up games. We saw how people made butter, washed clothing and boiled hot water. There were NO machines back then!?

We saw a windlass worked by horse, and we saw a stamper battery machine. Then we went to the Blacksmith’s workshop, we were shown how metal or steel poles to help carry buckets.

Next we met Uncle Merv's wife, Debbie. She showed us how a replica of their wattle and daub house, how women used to wash clothes. Then we played some games from the Gold rush era. We made damper, mud bricks and played games. The final activity was gold panning. Most of us found gold! Eureka!

Thank you to Mrs Laird, Mrs Hallman and Mrs Dent for organising such a memorable excursion!


Written by Selena, Jasmine and Eva (5 Rust)