In Week 4 of Term 2, Tangara competed in the 2018 Da Vinci Decathlon, sending teams of 8 students in years 5-11. This year there were a record number of students with at least 100 school represented in each year group. For the past 10 weeks, once a week, the girls have been practicing for the competition. Subjects include, Cartography, Mathematics, Ideation, Art & Poetry, Creative Producers (Performimg Arts), Engineering, Code Breaking, English, Science and General Knowledge. As you can see from the results below, Tangara placed in a range of subjects. Well done to all teams.

The Da Vinci Decathlon 2018 was a great experience for everyone. Every challenge and test definitely pushed our minds to their maximum potential, and we put our all into everything. We competed across 10 disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge.The theme for this year’s Decathlon was ‘The Unexpected’, and each test and challenge was centered around this theme.

Our Year 10 team consisted of Jasmine Aitken, Larissa Rajakariar, Amy Haryanto, Sarah Woodbury, Amy Weber, Cherry Dang, Tasnim Hassan, and myself. One of the great things about Da Vinci is how it really puts our teamwork and friendship as a group to the test - each of the subjects was challenging in its own way, and we were able to work as a team to complete each task. A special mention goes to Jasmine and Sarah, who won 3rd place in Ideation for our Yr 10 team - we are really proud of them.

Our whole team though put in a lot of effort in designing our tablecloth to match this year’s theme, and it paid off when we were announced as one of the winners for the tablecloth challenge. Overall it was a really fun and exciting day for everyone, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do it with.

By Faith Touma, Year 10