Year 3 Rust have been flexing their creative muscle recently and took part in an exercise called "The Genius 10 Minutes" which is loosely based on The Genius Hour concept.

The girls were given a sheet of paper with two circles at the bottom and had ten minutes to design a vehicle, its purpose and workings. They presented their designs to the class, who were delighted with their classmates ideas. Big smiles all ‘round!

Clare – Vehicle 2000 - ‘They are robotic people who don’t like being told what to do. They fight with each other. They pull hair and they are very naughty.’


Monica – The Fishing Fish – ‘With this you just go under water and instead of spending hours fishing, the fish just swim into the mouth and you get the fish.

Aurelia – The House Car Everything – ‘It has a shower place and a bedroom, a place for pets, a lunch area, a massaging area. You can watch TV and eat whenever you want.'