On Saturday 17 March, some students from Years 7-12 were given the opportunity to visit The Anglican Retirement Village, which happens to be just around the corner from our school. We were participating in a Hand Care Program, giving the elderly hand massages, painting their nails and chatting with them.

After being greeted by a lovely lady who works there, we split into different groups. We served them some tea and biscuits while introducing ourselves and having a chat, while others painted their nails. We came there thinking that we would help them more than they would help us, but when we chatted with them we were in awe of their incredible life stories and all the life lessons they taught us. We left the ARV more grateful and in awe of the amazing people we met. They gave us great pieces of advice that we are sure to use through our own lives.

Many of the girls were very musically talented so we offered to perform for them. We sang songs, played the piano and even did the High School Musical dance. They really enjoyed this and they sang along with the Sound of Music songs. This was really fun although they put our music skills to the test for we had to learn many songs on the spot. Theresa in Year 12 could play just about anything on the piano which was extremely lucky for us so we could sing many different songs. The elderly really loved our singing and kept asking for more!

This was a great day and we are really thankful that Mrs Sakr organised it for us as we got a lot out of it too. Everyone we chatted with had so much to talk about and we were surprised with all the experiences they have had throughout their life. They were able to teach us so much about life and so some of us decided we should teach them something. We got our phones out and started teaching them how to use the snapchat filters. It took some time but eventually they got it and had lots of fun with it. We hope they enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs.

By Hanna Pillai and Isabella Daher