By Magdalena Fernandez, Year 11
 On Friday 30 June, my dad and I were fortunate enough to attend a talk on the issue of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, given by Professor William Toffler at the Notre Dame campus. It was a cold but a very enjoyable evening.
The professor discussed the fact that euthanasia is discompassionate and dangerous care. Virtuous medicine is ‘caring not killing’ and it is essential that physicians, along with giving the patient the care they need, must give the patient hope. When it comes to euthanasia, the suffering patient is not taken into account as it is the physician’s choice to give the patient a medication which results in a coma.
Dr Toffler also outlined the history of euthanasia, where it happens today, numerous problems with euthanasia and the reasons why people choose euthanasia. However, he also talked about life-giving alternatives which include not participating in regulating it and going to a doctor, whose office is in a physician assisted suicide free zone. 
Overall, it was an amazing night and I would like to thank Dr Carvalho for giving me and my dad the opportunity to attend such a informative talk. It was a great start to the holidays.