Final Philosothon by Hanna Pillai

Last Saturday 16 November, Katriel Paelez (Year 8), Lara Tedesco (Year 9), Amy Weber (11) and I had the opportunity to take part in the Final round of the Philosothon Competition that we have been participating for quite some time. We were competing against many different schools including Kings, Meriden, Sydney Girls High School, St Andrew’s and St Patrick’s.

We were divided into age groups and throughout the day we had 3 Communities Of Inquiry and a lecture from a Linguistics professor from Macquarie University. Our Communities Of Inquiry were based on the topics Consciousness, Copies and Original and Deep forces of Human Language. We all thoroughly enjoyed the enlightening conversations that we had within our groups. These conversations really opened our minds to new ideas and broadened our perspectives on certain issues. It helped us ask deeper questions about life and express our wonders and queries about each topic.

Overall we all agreed it was a very rewarding experience and are very thankful for Dr Carvalho, who coached us and encouraged us throughout the day.