The last week of Term 3 was a big week at Tangara as we farewelled our Year 12s. Their Graduation on Wednesday 26 September was a very special occasion. We began with a Valedictory Mass in the Tangara Chapel, giving thanks for so many blessings over the last 13 years of schooling, and asking for God’s loving guidance for our girls in the years ahead. Then it was time to celebrate and reminisce over dinner. The girls looked resplendent in the traditional white dresses, and the equally traditional very high heels!

Thursday 27 September was Fun Day, the Year 12’s parting gift to the students, with jumping castles, an animal farm, fairy floss and popcorn. It was a happy day to be at school!

Then on Friday 28 September, we had the much anticipated Farewell Concert, when the whole school gets together to say goodbye. It was a wonderful way to farewell for our beloved Class of 2018 as we closed Term 3!

Thank you girls for being inspirational leaders for our students. We will be praying for you as you prepare for your HSC exams in coming weeks. Good luck ladies!