Yesterday, we began Term 2 with our ANZAC Day Ceremony, remembering all those who have served and died for our freedom. Our special guest, Major Helen Perrottet gave the Commemorative Address and highlighted the ANZAC's spirit of sacrifice and resilience. Major Perrottet described a day in the life of an ANZAC and explained how through 8 months of living and fighting in terrible conditions, the ANZACs took care of each other, finding ways to laugh and support each other in such difficult times. Their spirit and example is something we can all learn from. We will remember them.


What is the capital of Uzbekistan? What is an EGOT and who has one? Which was the last house team to be added at Tangara and what was it nearly called?

Get a team together and show off your trivial knowledge at Tangara's Trivia Night next Saturday! To book your tickets, click on the flyer below or go to:


Year 8 Technology students had a blast at the Easter Show! The program was jam packed with Technology experiences which included virtual reality, bakers challenge, journey of an egg, working dairy farm, farmyard nursery, sheep and wool competitions, district agricultural exhibits, fashion, arts and crafts. The photos tell it all. Thank you to our dedicated and energetic teachers for making this experience possible for our girls.


The 2018 NAPLAN results were finally released on the My School website yesterday. It is great news for Tangara students!

Our girls achieved strongly in literacy and numeracy, compared with students from similar schools. When compared with all Australian students, Tangara students achieved above, or substantially above, the average on every indicator.

More importantly, the results show how Tangara successfully grows our girls. Between Years 3 and 5, Years 5 and 7, and Years 7 and 9, on average, Tangara students showed more gain than students from similar schools, and higher gain than students who had the same starting point.

While we all understand that there is much more to a well-rounded education than NAPLAN scores, we are thrilled with the results. They demonstrate Tangara’s commitment to grow every child academically, so that each one achieves her or his personal best. Of course our focus is also on the spiritual, social, physical and emotional growth of every child. I congratulate the students on their excellent progress, and thank the teachers, tutors and our parents for such a successful partnership.

Written by Dr Katrina George, Principal


Our Year 7 Girls and their Mums enjoyed the opportunity to spend some special time together last weekend at the much anticipated Mother-Daughter Camp!

The weather was perfect for all the outdoor activities that had been planned. Dare devils young & not so young conquered the Giant Swing, High ropes, Flying Fox & Canoes. After an extremely active day, the girls took to the dance floor at our disco.

The next day was a little more relaxing with Stand Up Paddle Boarding & some time at Soldiers Beach.

Special memories were made that will last a life time!

In Year 5, we have a weekly Scope IT Lesson where we work in pairs to design code. In Scope IT, we use programs to design, modify and follow algorithms (a sequence of steps and decisions to demonstrate decision-making using the computer). We learn how to code using the program Scratch. In coding, the characters we create in the Scratch program, are called ‘sprites.’ We learn to code the movement of a sprite.

by Laura, Phoebe, Isabella, Ainara and Sumika

Our first week in Spain has been an adventure of its own. We've met so many new people and practiced our Spanish speaking skills. Even though it is on the other side of the world, there are many similarities between Orvalle and Tangara. However one of the things that has shocked us is the Cafeteria! It’s just like in the movies with the trays and tables! The school days are also much longer as they start at 9:30 am and go till 5pm. But luckily that’s only for 2 days a week. Every other day we attend the equivalent of Year 11 classes and finish at 3pm but the younger girls finish at 5pm everyday! We also have very different eating times. We have a big breakfast in the morning then the next time we eat is at 3pm for lunch, very late, and we have dinner at 10pm. They also have no bells at school, making it hard at times to keep track of the day.

In the school, there are so many little Spanish children that are adorable! We also met some of the Pavia family, an old family of Tangara; Elena, Teresa, Lourdes and Jimmy, who were delighted to see us in their old school uniforms.

The families have welcomed us very well and feel like our own families. And the food! Paella, croquettas, tortilla patata, bocadillo, jamon serrano, palmera de chocolate, churros and so much more Spanish dishes.
Walking around Madrid is a new experience and is very different from Sydney. The city is full of culture and history in every corner. There is so much to explore in the city and we will soon be visiting the Prado Museum and seeing more of the Spanish culture.
We look forward to Easter in Spain as each family goes to either the south or north of Madrid to celebrate with their families. We also look forward to spending the rest of the weeks with each other and our Spanish families.


Last week was a busy week for Technology students who had an engaging week of learning! Year 12 made pasta in their Food Manufacture unit, Year 8N and 8W have been studying fashion and design in Textiles, Year 8R made Pad Thai in preparation for their fusion restaurant, Year 7N are designing and making Art Deco inspired passive amps in the Engineering unit, Year 7R are studying food and agriculture and Year 9 Textiles Technology students are making bucket hats and bags whilst learning about ethical design. Mrs Engesser and Mrs Dirckze are very proud of the girls' progress in their learning.