Mrs Mitchell and the Yr 11 Geographers visited Bobbin Head on Thursday to study the interactions between land, water, the atmosphere and plants and animals. They also took measurements to compare a dry forest environment with a mangrove environment. They certainly saw lots of water! Parts of the site were flooded by the morning’s king tide! Students had to wade along the flooded boardwalk to visit the mangroves. The girls had an interesting, albeit a bit damp, day!


What a fantastic day was had by all at the Swimming Carnival on Tuesday! Congratulations to La Mancha on their carnival win and to Tintagel for winning the House Spirit Trophy! Thank you to Miss Tropea for all her hard work, organising a wonderful day!

On Tuesday morning, 24 Mums and Dads got together for a cup of tea and the first Motto Cafe of the year. Parents watched a clip of Diane Levy, which focused on discipline strategies for parenting young children and showed parents putting them into practice with their daughter "Poppy". This was followed by a Q&A session and discussion.

Aside from picking up some tried and true parenting tips, the morning was a great opportunity for parents to take a break to come together and get to know each other! A big thank you to Mrs Greenwell, Mrs Tabuteau for hosting Motto Cafe and also to Mrs Goco and Mrs Wall for welcoming the pre-schoolers for Story-time.

Our Yr 11 Ancient History students are currently learning about ancient sites and sources. Part of this unit is learning about what happens on an archaeological excavation so the girls became archaeologists for the afternoon, uncovering artefacts including coins, metal decorations, beads, porcelain and even "bones" and a "sword." The girls had to record, measure and draw each artefact.

When they left the "dig" and went back to the classroom, the girls discussed some of their finds and the history they could deduce from their respective sites, based on the nature and location of their finds. Thank you Mrs Waalkens for a most engaging lesson!


Year 5 and 6 girls have started training for the annual Da Vinci Decathlon. In May they will compete against students from 100 other schools, in fields such as Cartography, Mathematics, Ideation, Art & Poetry, Creative Producers, Engineering, Code Breaking, English, Science and General Knowledge.

Today at lunch time, their challenge was to build the tallest tower possible from spaghetti, marshmallows and tape. They learned about engineering principles such as compression, tension, load bearing members and trusses. They also enjoyed an ice block for their efforts!




Year 12 Food Technology students are studying the Australian Food Industry. They are have been enjoying preparing menu items and have designed a HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) food safety system.


The Year 12 students have started a Big Sister Program, uniting all grades based on their Houses. The girls aim to develop a spirit of friendship and support between students in different grades and met for the first time last week.


We are excited to welcome five exchange students from Colegio Orvalle in Madrid for the next few weeks. Five of our Yr 10 students will return the visit next month. We hope the girls learn a lot and enjoy their time at Tangara!



Year 9 Textiles Technology students participated in a colour and design workshop today where they experimented with a range of dyeing techniques that will be used to make their projects in Term 1. The girls had lots of fun and thank Mrs Hunter for sharing her expertise with us.



Welcome back to all of our new and returning students on the first day of school! Our Year 7 girls are particularly excited about starting high school and all of the new things that lie ahead in 2019!