From 20-24 August 2018, Tangara celebrated Book Week. Reception students spent the week sharing their favourite books, culminating in a special Book Week Dress Up Day on Wednesday 22 August. With the theme “Find Your Treasure” in mind, we had princess, dinosaurs, Peter Pan, the BFG, farmers, crocodiles, both cuddly and wild animals, and so much more! Thank you to the children and their parents for putting in such an amazing effort in the costumes and for engaging in the world of books so well.

Kindergarten and Year 1 took part in the annual Book Parade, which was combined with Grandparents' Day on Friday 24 August. Grandparents’ Day is always a happy day at Tangara Infants, but there was definitely something special about this year’s event. We were overwhelmed by the happy smiles, impressive Book Week costumes,the enthusiastic performances and the supportive parents and grandparents who spent the morning with us. The children not only gained a new appreciation of book characters and a love for stories… more importantly, they learned about the value of their grandparents and a love for family.

A big thank you to the families who participated and to Chris Smith for the lovely photos!


On the 9 August, the Year 11 Economics class visited the Reserve Bank of Australia to understand its role in implementing monetary policy in the Australian economy.

We attended an informative talk on the topic of Financial Markets by a Reserve Bank economist, Peter Rickards. We learnt how important the Reserve Bank is in keeping our economy functioning smoothly, making important decisions about matters such as interest rates. We also had a presentation about how the banknotes we use in our everyday transactions are created and circulated in the economy and the high security features that make them safe from counterfeiting.

This excursion was extremely valuable as it enabled us to understand the significance of the content we had learnt in class and how it ties in with the real world. Thank you to Ms Dhillon, for making the day enjoyable, informative and interesting and for giving us such great opportunity.

Written by the Year 11 Economics class

Tangara’s Primary Choir took to the stage on Tuesday night at the magnificent Sydney Town Hall. They performed The Muppets Medley, with fantastic singing, dancing and colourful costumes. The evening culminated in a Combined Schools Choir performance.

Thank you to Mrs Harrison for developing the girls to such a high standard, and to the teachers and parents who generously supported the girls on the night.

There was a lot of excitement Monday 13 August at the announcement of the 2019 Tangara Captain, Chantal Kos, and Vice Captain, Katie Lang. These girls were elected on behalf of the whole Tangara family by those who know them best: their Year 11 classmates and the Secondary teachers who have worked with them closely over these last few years.

Chantal and Katie will lead with their outstanding example as Tangara girls; their personal quest for all-round excellence; and their striving to be women of character. We will conduct a Leadership Inauguration ceremony at the end of this term, when our current Year 12 leaders will hand over the baton.

The new Captain, Vice Captain and their team will take up their leadership duties from the beginning of Term 4. Congratulations Chantal and Katie!

Congratulations to Laura Moore from Year 9 who represented AICES in the 15 years Netball Team, who toured the Gold Coast in the holidays. Laura and her team came 1st overall at the Championships in the Intermediate Age Group, which is an amazing achievement. Congratulations Laura!

Congratulations to Kiahnae Wilson from Year 11 who represented AICES at CIS Cross Country on Thursday 14 June. Kiahnae finished 21st in the 17 year 4km race, which is a fantastic achievement. Well done Kiahnae!


On Friday 27 July, our three Kindergarten classes went on a wonderful adventure to the Art Gallery of NSW. After travelling to the city on  a double-decker bus, much to the excitement of the students, the boys and girls arrived at the Art Gallery were able to take part in an art workshop.

The students were also lucky enough to tour the gallery and to see first hand some of the artworks that they have heard about through the story book series “Roy & Matilda” by Susan Ven. It was a lovely reminder to all of us that so much joy can come from learning.

A big thank you to the parent volunteers who assisted us on the excursion, your time and generosity is very much appreciated.