Last Week, I attended the YMCA Youth Parliament Program, which is an apolitical program for students 15 - 18 years. The program allows students to discuss issues that affect them individually but also that affect young people in their represented electorate. It was a week long camp where students from around New South Wales debated, amended and voted on a series of bills at the New South Wales Parliament House. All participants were assigned a committee and within the committee we came together on an issue that we all believed to be important. Throughout last term, we constructed a bill which we presented in parliament last week.

I was assigned the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Committee and our bill was called ‘The Transition into a Sustainable NSW Bill 2018.’ The purpose of the bill is to minimise New South Wales’ reliance on non-renewable sources and in doing so advance New South Wales’ production and adoption of non-renewables and create easy pathways for people and companies to transition towards renewables. We were fortunate that this bill and its amendments passed and we hope that this bill can be adopted into a real policy by the State Government.

This was an incredible privilege to represent my school electorate Epping, and my home electorate of Hornsby, in advocating for the needs of the youth. This experience has opened up new opportunities for me and it has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone. This experience was both empowering for me and for the 90 other participants in this program. I was put in situations were I had to stand up for my faith and beliefs and at times it was difficult but from those experiences I believe I have grown in courage and strength.

These experiences have also encouraged me to do more and to stand up for pressing issues in my community, particularly, the issue of domestic violence against women and children. This is a major issue affecting Australia. Domestic violence is in no way acceptable. I would like to raise more awareness of the issue particularly for victims of domestic violence, to reassure them that it is ok to speak out and seek help. I would like to do this through awareness days and by donating to charities that support victims of domestic violence.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr George and Mrs Sakr for this opportunity and to my parents and friends for supporting me.

By Matilda Wiggins, Year 11


Over the holidays, some Senior Geography students enjoyed a wonderful week of learning at the Great Barrier Reef, with teachers Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Kaye-Smith. They were joined by a botanist and marine biologist and explored a sea turtle rehabilitation centre on Fitzroy Island, learning about the Coral Watch Project.
Their visit to Mossman Gorge commenced with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony, before their Indigenous guide explained rainforest medicines, weapons, food and shelter. They also visited the James Cook University Rainforest research centre in the Daintree, and helped the scientists collect data for their rainforest study.
Other highlights included Cape Tribulation, a crocodile farm, lots of sunshine, and snorkelling on the reef. What a great experience, we are proud of you girls!



From 9-13 July, twelve senior students from Tangara participated in Creston College’s Operation HSC program. Located across from UNSW, Creston is a university residence for girls, which aims to inspire women to be leaders in their fields of study and in society.

During the 5-day program, the girls were able to focus on their work, and get individual subject tutoring from Creston mentors, some of whom were Tangara Old Girls, such as Lucy Chee and Emily Chung.

In between study times, the girls got the chance to tour around UNSW campus, as well as participate in workshops on various topics, such as: Motivation, Essay Writing Techniques, Time Management, and Effective Revision. They are working so hard! Please keep our Year 12s in your prayers.

Operation HSC not only helped the girls to prepare for their Trial exams, but also gave them the chance to learn some valuable life skills which will be useful postschool. In 2019, Creston College will be running a HSC preparation course for girls in Year 12. If you are interested in taking part in this program contact: