On Friday 26 October, The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales celebrated World Teachers Day, an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work of all teachers.

At the 2018 the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales Annual Awards Ceremony last week, the Guild recognised the outstanding professional contribution to education made by teachers, celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of our teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society.

Our very own Mrs Rita Sakr, Tangara's Coordinator of Personalised Education, received the 'World Teachers' Recognition Award' from the Teachers' Guild of New South Wales this year. Rita received the award for her work in advancing Community Service opportunities at Tangara School, particularly the work done on the 'Write of Passage' Pilot Program in partnership with Arcare, featured on Sunrise last month. What an outstanding achievement! Congratulations Rita!


Past and present students, parents and friends of Retaval Belfield Infants School came together to celebrate the Farewell Mass in Thanksgiving for the past 18 years. Don Khoury, founding parent and member of the PARED board, spoke about the school’s humble beginnings. The atmosphere was joyous as old friends reconnected and enjoyed morning tea together. The cake was certainly something to behold!It was an emotional but heart-warming moment when the final Class of 2018, in a symbolic gesture, released balloons into the air as a way of honouring all past and present. The life and vision of Retaval Belfield will continue to live on in all who graced its halls.

This week, Tangara Old Girl, Jessica Kahawaty (Class of 2006), was honoured by the Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALCCI) and named an 'Outstanding Ambassador to Lebanon and Australia' for her contributions to society.

Jessica managed to take time out from her busy schedule last Wednesday to visit Tangara to speak to the high school girls about her experiences overseas, work with the UN, career paths and how Tangara shaped her to be the person she is today.

Jessica later posted on Instagram; “It was such a pleasure to visit my old school in Australia, Tangara School for Girls, and speak to the bright, humble and ambitious Year 10 and Year 11 Girls. I had goosebumps being there, remembering how I was when I was 17 and what I wanted to hear. Thank you for listening to me.”

Thank you Jessica for your inspiring visit and congratulations on all your achievements! We wish you well in your future endeavours and hope you will return to visit again soon!



Some of the current year 12s had the opportunity to go over to the Philippines for a Service Project during the holidays. We were welcomed at the Balete Family Farm School where we built a library. We also visited the Sarnelli House Orphanage, a Nursing Home, gave hampers to the village people and hosted a Jollibee party, which is in fact their number one fast food restaurant, for child cancer survivors!

On this trip we experienced many cultural differences for example; when there is four lanes, it doesn't really mean that there is four lanes, there is usually about 10 cars crowded in these four lanes. Another thing that was the Filipinos love basketball. One day some girls starting playing basketball on the local court and it ended with the girls versing some local boys, so Australia VS the Philippines and a total of 70 people suddenly turning up out of nowhere to watch including the police, some people even popped up from the bushes!

Aside from all that, one thing that really struck me was during our visit to the general hospital in Manila. I never realised how much I took for granted our well kept and hygienic hospitals until I arrived at the front gates. When talking to some of the families of the children it was common among them that they would often be told to come back after hours of travelling because of their lack of facilities. The hospital was loud and crowded and within 15 metres of where we stood there was a surgery being performed out in the open, this was the biggest shock of them all. What helped was that some of the Woodrose girls accompanied us to talk and visit some of the children there. I remember one girl telling me to smile because that’s the only thing besides our company and listening skills that we could give to the children. Another memorable moment was at the cancer survivors party, we met many young children and people our age who all had bright and loving smiles on their faces. It was nice talking to the older girls because we were able to relate with cancers effect on family and friends with our classes own experience with the diagnosis of Ellie. It was nice to see how these kids were able to keep a positive and happy attitude after many of the hardships they had faced and still face.

After this trip it made me think about all the things I’m grateful for and I'm sure that the other girls have had similar thoughts as myself. One thing that struck me was the stories of the children that the orphanage. Some of the boys had similar stories but they were all so moving filled with many many hardships. It made me made appreciate how lucky we are here in Australia. Another thing that made me appreciate home is the number of slums. When driving pass, you don’t realise how many people actually live in that area. It’s not until you go inside and visit the families that you realise the amount of people and the conditions they live in.

One family we talked to, told us they very time it rained, they had to dig lower into the ground because every time their house would be flooded, and mind you their houses were just made of wood with a tin roof. We all had such an amazing experience, we learned so much about not only ourselves but about the girls who came along, it’s such a great way to start Year 12, with the spirit of giving. We would like to thank each and every girl who came, you guys were so much fun and we couldn’t ask for a more fun and loving group of girls to share this experience with. Every student who’s been on this service project can strongly recommend this to anyone. It’s such a fun trip, like you get to eat a lot, like a lot, you actually get to build stuff and help put smiles on everyone’s faces.

We would just like to thank to the amazing teachers that came on the trip, Dr Cav and Miss Alvir. We would like to thank Dr Cav for coming with us girls on the trip. Thanks so much for always helping us work on the library, you had such an impact on us girls, always being there to motivate us to continue our hard work. You were like a mother for us all on the trip, you were always there to take care of us when unfortunately majority of us were affected by some sort of sickness. We are thankful to have had you accompany us on the trip and we loved hearing about all your life stories and adventures! Also a big thanks goes out to Miss Alvir. Even though you got sick, you still helped us maintain a fun atmosphere.

Also thank you for preparing the diaries which allowed us to write our accounts of what happened during our adventures in the Philippines, I’m sure in years to come we will be able to read them and remember how positive this experience was, would definitely do it all again! Salamat, Claire and Emma!

We welcome our students, staff and parents to Term 4! We hope everyone had a restful break. There are only 8 weeks untilt eh end of the 2018 Academic School Year! Please keep in mind our Class of 2018 who begin their HSC exams on Thursday 18 October. We also wish our students in grades 5-10 well as they approach their end of year exams, as well as our Year 11 students who begin their HSC course work this term.

A reminder to save the date for the Tangara Twilight markets on Sunday 11 November from 3pm. We look forward to seeing you there! 





There is an Open Day at all campuses once a term. Guided tours are conducted at the Tangara Cherrybrook campus by students throughout the day, commencing at 10.00am. The Principal gives a presentation about Personalised Education at 11.00am. You can see demonstrations of our literacy programme at the Infants School, as well as a Visible Thinking demonstration in the Primary School. 

Please join us for our next Open Day on Wednesday 24 October 2018:

Tangara School for Girls | 10.00am to 12.30pm 

Principal’s Presentation | 11.00am  

Retaval Belfield | 9.30am to 12.30pm  

Redfield College | 12.00pm to 2:30pm 

Headmaster’s Presentation | 1.00pm  

Montgrove College | 10.00am to 12:00pm 

Principal’s Presentation | 10:45am  

Wollemi College | 12.00pm to 2.30pm 

Headmaster’s Presentation | 1.00pm

Click here for all Open Day dates for 2018.  

A reminder that we will farewell our beloved Retaval Belfield campus with a special event on Sunday 21 October. The day will begin with a Thanksgiving Mass at 10.30am, followed by a moring tea and  family picnic. 

All are welcome - we look forward to seeing many of our current and former Belfield families celebrate the many happy memories from this campus.



The last week of Term 3 was a big week at Tangara as we farewelled our Year 12s. Their Graduation on Wednesday 26 September was a very special occasion. We began with a Valedictory Mass in the Tangara Chapel, giving thanks for so many blessings over the last 13 years of schooling, and asking for God’s loving guidance for our girls in the years ahead. Then it was time to celebrate and reminisce over dinner. The girls looked resplendent in the traditional white dresses, and the equally traditional very high heels!

Thursday 27 September was Fun Day, the Year 12’s parting gift to the students, with jumping castles, an animal farm, fairy floss and popcorn. It was a happy day to be at school!

Then on Friday 28 September, we had the much anticipated Farewell Concert, when the whole school gets together to say goodbye. It was a wonderful way to farewell for our beloved Class of 2018 as we closed Term 3!

Thank you girls for being inspirational leaders for our students. We will be praying for you as you prepare for your HSC exams in coming weeks. Good luck ladies!





From the 31 August to the 2 September, 12 Year 8 students attended a Classics Camp in Elanora Heights. Overall there were 145 students from about 15 different schools. We arrived at 7pm on Friday night and participated in an introductory session with our tribe as well as our first rehearsal for the Saturday night show. Tribes consisted of around 12 students and each had to prepare the reenactment a famous mythical legend.

The next day, we went on an intriguing bushwalk where we listened to famous Roman legends and were taken into the Underworld. Thankfully no one was left behind and we all safely returned to the world of the living!

Other activities consisted of a Roman Army Session, a Gladiatorial Fight and Slave Market reenactment experience, Lottus which was a Latin version of Bingo using Latin numbers and Roman numerals, Arts and Craft where we made tee-shirts and badges, as well as the Saturday night concert which was a major highlight of the weekend.

On the last day, we competed with our tribes in Olympics games which consisted of wacky challenges and games, as well as the great triumphal parade where we marched around the oval to celebrate the success of the camp. We also competed in a game of Trivia based on everything we had learnt throughout the weekend.

Overall we all had a great time discovering new aspects of Ancient Rome and Latin, and we enjoyed making new friends. Thanks Mrs Uphill!

By Lara Tedesco, Caitlin Bernardo, Jessica Hoogwerf, Trinity Hawnt, Breanna Rochester, Isabelle Ung, Maya McMullen, Christa Attard, Sophia Ayoub, Alessi Younes, Madeline Ragell, Eliza Daher.