On Wednesday 20 September, the Class of 2017 officially graduated from Tangara School for Girls. The beautiful Valedictory Mass and Graduation Dinner was a moving evening, providing students, staff and parents with a special opportunity to reminisce about the last 13 years of school.

Gabrielle Wall gave the address on behalf of the parents. She encouraged the girls to go out to the world and be ‘velvet hammers’.

“To be a ‘velvet hammer’: what does it mean? You’ll be steadfast, you’ll have a powerful strength, but it will be clothed in gentleness and beauty to soften the blow but in no way diminish the impact. As a ‘velvet hammer’ each of you will be a fine woman for this world, in your university, in your work and one day for your husband and family, and most importantly for God. The greatest rebellion the world needs is young women and men with courage, energy and wisdom to do what is right.”

On Thursday 21 September, the whole School took part in a Year 12 Fun Day, with a Kindy farm, games, a jumping castle and popcorn. This will be followed by the traditional Farewell Concert on Friday, and then it’s back to business for Year 12, as HSC study intensifies.

We are so proud of each and every one of our Year 12 students. All students will be in our prayers as you prepare for the HSC.

To the Class of 2017 - thank you for your dedication over the past 13 years.

On Wednesday 13 September Year 4 students Sia, Laela, Claudia and Joann went to the Hills Grammar School to participate in the Think Tank Workshop for Junior Debaters.

The day was full of activities involved in Debating. Rebuttal games, rebuttal tennis, writing speeches and a few debates. At the end of the day there was a grand final debate and we received certificates.

By Laela and Claudia, Year 4 Rust

Last Wednesday Theresa (Year 11), Matilda (Year 10) and Jasmine (Year 9) attended the Philosothon at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. We were split into age groups and began the Community of Inquiry. We discussed three topics, “Is it moral to have a donor baby?” “Is the mind a physical thing?” and “Is privacy important?”. All participates came into the inquiry with their own ideas but we were able to discuss new concepts that may have never been considered before that could change their perspectives. It was a great way to share ideas and learn new perspectives.

The Philosothon is a great experience and you step outside your comfort zone. We were able to meet new people, who had similar or different worldviews on topics, and it was a really important learning experience because we had to accept their beliefs but we also could not be intimidated by them to change our paradigms. It is a really great way to shared and discuss popular topics in society. We would like to thank Dr Carvalho, who trained us and gave up her time to come with us to the event.

By Matilda Wiggins, Year 10

Year 6 Navy are on the boil this term – literally and figuratively. While we are going full steam ahead in all our subject we have really put some ‘energy’ into our science. We modified Mrs. Campbell’s waterwheel to make it more efficient.

We also got very creative and ingenious when we developed solar heating devices!

Year 6 Navy celebrated science week with the girls demonstrating and explaining some of their favourite experiments. We had bouncing eggs, flowers changing colour, floating cups, sewing needles turned into magnets and many others.

Although safety was a constant concern the only casualties were a packet of skittles that gave their lives in the pursuit of science!

By Year 6 Navy