On 12 May 2017, Tangara and Redfield hosted a combined Key Parent Function to assist parents of students from Years 5-12 with some recommendations for a safe party culture.

The role of parents is to gradually bring their children to responsible independence. This includes preparing their children for mature social interaction with other boys and girls, a happy social life balanced with other responsibilities, and ultimately for their own adult family life. None of this happens by accident! It requires parents to work as a team, patiently and purposefully, to develop in their children virtues such as self-mastery, generosity, sincerity, self-confidence and friendship.

With this in mind, Tangara and Redfield have put together a 'Party Smart' information pack for parents. You can download the information pack as a PDF here.

On 27 April 2017, 14 students from our sister school in Manila, Woodrose, accompanied by 3 teachers flew into Sydney for the first-ever cultural exchange program. The aim of the program was to give the Woodrose girls the opportunity to experience living and studying in Australia.

The girls and teachers stayed with 12 Tangara families who generously welcomed them into their homes. During their 9-day stay, the students and teachers got to attend some classes, put on a Filipino performance during Assembly, do some sight-seeing in the City, see some Australian animals and even watch Mary Poppins.

The girls and teachers thoroughly enjoyed their stay and were very grateful for the hospitality offered them by Tangara staff, students and families.

For those of you lucky enough to see Tangara's production of Mary Poppins the Musical , you would have seen how simply spectacular it was!

I am so proud of each and every one of the girls involved, from the littlest penguin to Mary Poppins herself to the lead who said to me in the dressing room, “I am just having so much fun”! There is nothing better for a performer than to see not only a full crowd but one that truly enjoyed the performance. So congratulations to all that were involved and a big thank you to Mrs Herrera, Mrs Rasmussen, Miss Quinn, Mrs Adams, Mrs John, Mrs Kroeger, Mrs Engesser and all of the parent volunteers for their hard work. A true testament to the incredible team work at Tangara!

We hope that you enjoyed the journey to Cherry Tree Lane. Looking forward to the next musical in 2019!

Anna Engesser (Year 12), Creative Arts Captain


On Wednesday 29 April, the Ancient History Class of Year 11 enjoyed a wonderful day filled with learning and fun!
Firstly - we went to the ‘Big Dig’ where, we were greeted by our instructor Gaz. He spoke to us about what an artefact is and how we see archaeology contributed in benefiting our world today. We even had a mini activity afterwards where we got to evaluate and analyse REAL ARTEFACTS excavated from the site.
Later on he explained to us that the site we were standing on was owned by a man named George Cribbs, hence the name - Cribbs Lane. Hundreds of years ago stood his home, a butcher shop, a large amount of pubs, alongside other homes which he rented out to convicts. The class was able to go
outside and stand in the sites themselves whilst seeing and evaluating the foundations of the lost town. Gaz saluted us off as we made our way to Darling Harbour. Here we each had a short break from our archaeological adventures and got to have a delicious lunch! Following this, we went to the
Powerhouse Museum. Upon entry we were greeted by an introductory video which explained some facts on each of the mummies present in the exhibition, and how they had arrived all the way from the ‘British Museum.’ And also how each of these mummies played an integral role in understanding the life of the Ancient Egyptians. After this we entered the exhibition and had the opportunity to analyse each of the mummies and looked at the ancient remains.
In summary, the excursion was very interesting and played a key role in further enriching our understanding of archaeology.
By Maria Tsakona, Year 11

Towards the end of last Term on the 6 April, Tangara Secondary students enjoyed Maths Day challenges wrapped with an Easter theme. The girls took part in mathematical challenges designed to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts, sharpen their problem solving capabilities, build teamwork skills and promote a love of Maths.

Year 7 carefully crafted their fractions Easter egg baskets. Year 8 soaked up the sunshine as they ran around the school looking for clues and enjoyed solving a variety of mathematical problems simultaneously during their Easter egg hunt. Years 9 and 10 created fabulous looking chocolate boxes and accurately calculated their Packaging surface area, volume, worked out how many Easter egg they could hold and the cost of manufacturing each box. Year 11 incorporated the use of technology by using OneNote and decoding Caesar shift messages.

The girls then finished off Maths Day with an inter-house Maths Relay competition. The girls also enjoyed entering the 'Clever and Quirky' Number Competition. All secondary staff wore a tag which had a number or graph or some mathematical symbol on it. The girls had until the end of lunch to approach each staff member and come up with a clever and quirky mathematical description. The girls came up with some clever and outside the box phrases. The winners of the ‘clever and Quirky’ Number competition were Bianca Barbero, Clara Choi and Jayda Watson from Year 11 and from Year 10, Christine Abrams and Olivia Sellaro. Congratulations to all!

Violete Morad

Head of Mathematics

On Thursday the 30th of March, Year 8 had the amazing opportunity of visiting Featherdale Wildlife Park. This excursion was a hands-on experience that allowed us to interact with the endangered species of Australia. When we arrived, we were introduced to Louis who was to be our instructor for the day.
He took us to the Education Centre of the park, where he taught us about the endangered habitats and animals, and the causes of their unfortunate circumstances. To give us a deeper understanding, we were given the chance to meet Banjo the Bilby, Olive the Snake and Leo the Koala. Meeting these animals helped us to realise the problems facing Australia’s wildlife today. While Louis explained the threats facing these animals, we were able to take many photos and pat each unique creature. While he was taking the animals around the room, he answered all of our questions on endangered habitats.
We were then free to wander the park for a while and meet all the other beautiful animals, including many species of birds, reptiles and dingoes. We had the chance to enter the kangaroo enclosure, where we came face to face with many lively kangaroos. Some of us were even lucky enough to hand feed them, and though some were curious, others shied away from the students. During this time, we could also visit the Wildlife Park’s Gift Shop which was filled with many amazing souvenirs.
After lunch, the most dreaded part of the day had arrived. It was time to leave. This excursion is definitely an experience Year 8 will remember for a long time.
By Orla Edwards & Charlotte Landers, Year 8