By Marie-Bernadette Morad, Year 12.

 Last holidays, I was fortunate enough to attend the Honeywell Engineering Summer School which took place from the 11th to the 16th of December. It was a very enjoyable learning experience which has informed me about the very rewarding career of engineering and its positive impact on society.

I learnt about the significant role of engineers who are driven by their desire to change the world. They make a difference in people’s lives and solve problems by applying their knowledge of mathematics and science. I did not realise the great extent to which they have shaped the world we live in through innovation.
At the engineering camp, I met many other students from all over NSW with the same interest in mathematics and science as me. I made many friends over the course of the week and enjoyed working with different types of people to solve problems and perform activities.
The camp began with an ice breaker engineering challenge. We were placed into random groups and had half an hour to build something with a cup and other materials such that as little water as possible was lost from the cup when the contraption was dropped 3 metres from the ground. It was an enjoyable activity for everyone and a great way to meet new people through sharing ideas. I learnt that engineering involves a lot of teamwork!
Throughout the course of the week, we visited a different university each day, the University of NSW, UTS, University of Wollongong, University of Sydney and Macquarie Uni. We were introduced to each university with an overview of the engineering courses and facilities they offer as well as university life in general. From here, we were shuffled into different groups and undertook a variety of activities hosted by both lecturers and current students. One of my favourite activities was making instant ice cream using liquid nitrogen at the University of Sydney.
I also enjoyed the civil engineering workshop at The University of NSW. We were given the task of designing and building a bridge using lightweight wood, nails and string. The bridge which carried the most load when tested won. Other activities included using programing to design and build a 3D maze, producing a shoulder brace to assist a patient’s recovery and constructing the tallest tower possible using marshmallows and raw spaghetti.
One of the student led projects at UNSW is programming robots to play soccer. They compete in the annual RoboCup tournament and aim to win the Fifa World Cup by 2050. This project is not just fun for UNSW engineering students, but also aims to develop technologies to help humanity such as helping victims of a building collapse using programming.
As well as universities, we visited various workplaces which employ engineers. ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation employ many engineers including chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers. They work on research with Australia’s only nuclear reactor, OPAL. ANSTO also manufactures nuclear medicines which are used extensively by doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses especially cancer.
I especially enjoyed the visit to RESMED, a medical company that develops respiratory devices. In particular, they produce CPAP devices for people with sleep apnea. This is a serious sleep disorder which affects 1 in 15 people world wide. Engineers at this company work to improve these devices to make them more user friendly. This is an important role considering the first CPAP device was louder than a vacuum cleaner so many people preferred to stop breathing in their sleep than have a vacuum next to their bed.
The camp was an enjoyable learning experience for me as it facilitated a broader understanding about engineering and its positive impact on the world. I thank Mrs Hill for informing me about this valuable experience and encourage those of you who enjoy maths and science to look into this rewarding future career.


On the 8 January, a group of Year 12 students (Rita, Belinda, Patricia, Monica and Lucy), accompanied by Jacinta and Marybel from Eremeran, set out on a service project to Dubbo. After a 5 hr drive we arrived at a Charles Sturt University residence, where we stayed for the week.

Each day of the project we worked with the local Aboriginal kids aged from 3-12, running activities such as ball games, card-making, creating friendship bracelets and painting. We ran this holiday program in conjunction with Apollo House, the community centre in east Dubbo, which does a fabulous job at caring for the kids in the area. These children were energetic and affectionate, however they came from less fortunate backgrounds; and many with sad stories about their family situation. Through the activities we really connected with the kids and enjoyed watching them have fun in an environment where they felt safe and respected.

In the afternoons, we volunteered at a Baptist Care centre where we were split in pairs and visited elderly homes. During the 2 hours we spent with them we learned about their backgrounds. Most of them were very happy to have spent time with us, as we would sit, play some board games, drink tea and get to know each other.

We would like to thank Jacinta and Marybel from Eremeran for accompanying us and making it such an amazing experience.

By Rita B, Year 12

An interview with Sarah Ampil, Tangara Class of 2008.
 What did you do after you finished school?
I studied a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at UNSW and then went to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to complete my Master of Music Studies (Performance). I was then offered a position in the Conservatorium Opera Studio, and graduated with my Masters and a Graduate Diploma in Music (Opera Performance).
What are you currently doing?
I'm continuing my professional development as a freelance singer. Opera is arguably the most lucrative field for classical singers in Australia, so I've been refining my skills by entering competitions such as the Australian Singing Competition and participating in summer programs such as the Lisa Gasteen National Opera School in Brisbane and, most recently, the IFAC Handa New Zealand Singing School. Last year I was also a Young Artist with Pacific Opera, which has been an excellent platform for emerging singers for many years.
What is one of the most exciting things you have done since graduating from school?
Singing at the Sydney Opera House for three special occasions: alongside my colleagues at the Australian Brandenburg Choir for Dame Marie Bashir's farewell concert, as soprano soloist in Bernstein's "MASS: A Theatre Piece" for the Sydney Conservatorium's centenary celebrations, and in the Sydney Opera House Opera Awards masterclass for internationally-acclaimed soprano Renée Fleming.
What are some of your best memories from school?
Our unofficial class motto would have been "solidarity sister" - never better applied than when our entire cohort took responsibility for "fixing" the school fountain and subsequently spraying the courtyard with water. The resulting class detention was really just a big party as we were tasked with cleaning our beloved fountain while wearing newspaper hats.
What is one of the most valuable things you learnt at Tangara?
I was encouraged to take pride in my work across all subjects at school. Even studying material I once considered entirely irrelevant to my intended career helped shape the work ethic that I take into my profession today.
What advice would you give a current Tangara girl?
Keep striving for greatness past your academic studies. I don't think there's a finite end to learning, which could be good or bad depending on your outlook. Continue to look for innovative ways to improve in your given field and fight with conviction for what you're passionate about.
Last year Sarah was one of 10 young singers selected to the semi-finals of the Australian Singing Competition. Find out more at



On Tuesday 14 February, representatives from the Anglican Retirement Village attended Tangara’s Secondary Assembly, where they were presented with a beautiful Mural painted by our Art Club. The artwork is a special gift from the school to illuminate the walls of the Retirement Village, and to bring joy to the residents. 

During the Assembly our students shared their experience, explaining that this was an important act of service for the local community. The students highlighted that knowing  this artwork was going to bring joy to so many people, made this project especially rewarding.

Well done to all the students involved, as well as to Mrs Tanya John for her guidance in this project.


After years of planning, countless working bees and a large, coordinated team effort from families all over Sydney, Tangara School for Girls was official opened on 10 February 1982 with 17 students and three teachers on Fox Valley Rd (the current Retaval Wahroonga campus). 

Please join us in giving thanks for the great gift of our school - for our founders, our staff, our students and our families. Thank you all for making Tangara what it is today. Happy 35th Birthday Tangara! 

On Thursday, 44 eager kindergarten students started at Tangara Infants. With faces full of smiles, and a few tears, our newest students have had an energetic and exciting first few days of school with their teachers Mrs Sharon McAuliffe and Miss Jacinta Harb.

This year, we are also fortunate to welcome the Kindergarten students from Retaval Wahroonga, who are joining the Tangara campus for the Term 1. With their teacher Mrs Maryanne Bourke, the 14 boys and girls are embracing their adventure at Tangara.

Congratulations to all our Kindergarten students for starting the 2017 so well! Well done also to our Year 1 students, who have returned to school as responsible leaders. Together with their teachers Mrs Mariki van Rhijn and Mrs Natalie Pigrim, our Year 1 students have had a wonderful start to the year.

We especially welcome our five new students to Year 1, as well as all the families who have joined the Tangara family for the first time. We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming Key Parent Function on Friday 17 February.

Important Dates for Tangara Infants' Parents:

Tangara Key Parent Function, Friday 17 February, 7:30pm

Preschool Storytime / Motto Café, Tuesday 28 February, 8:35am

Ash Wednesday School Mass, Wednesday 1 March, 12pm

WRAP Info Evening, Tuesday 14 March, 7pm

Preschool Storytime / Motto Café, Tuesday 28 February, 8:35am

Maths Info Evening, Tuesday 28 March, 7pm

Easter Hat Parade, Tuesday 4 April, 1:30pm

Welcome to 2017! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and is ready for an exciting year. Something I have noticed over the years is that everyone goes into the school year with the same resolution. You say to yourself, ‘This year is going to be my best year yet. I’m going to study hard, get on top of all my work and ace my exams!’ You probably feel really organised and think what could possibly go wrong? You have your colour co-ordinated stationery and brand new folders ready to fill with work. You’re raring to go and can’t wait to attack the new school year. Now, while this is a great resolution, we all know what happens after a few weeks at school… You start to get a bit lazy, maybe you cut a few corners and all of a sudden you find yourself staying up till the wee hours of the morning trying to finish this week's segment of captains corner!

Now while it’s all well and good having a goal and starting the year on a positive note, it is important to remember that the individual bound for success is the one whom can follow through with her words. That is why our first quote of the year is ‘Action is character’. What F. Scott Fitzgerald means is that without actively seeking to fulfill your goals you will not achieve them. When you go out and physically set your goals in motion, it reveals a lot about your character and the kind of work ethic you possess. In other words you have to walk the walk. By putting in these extra efforts you will inch closer to actually achieving your goals. Let us show the strength of our character and commit to completing the year with as much enthusiasm as we started it with.

By Taris Watson, Tangara School Captain

The Class of 2016 were the special guests at Tangara’s Secondary School Meeting last week as we celebrated their HSC success. Each and every student from the Class of 2016 worked to strive for their person best during their HSC year. One third of the girls were awarded ATARs of 90 and above, and Tangara Dux and All-Round Achiever, Clair Daher, achieved 99.0. She plans to study a double degree in Commerce/Science at UNSW. Clair also has the distinction of achieving 9th place in Business Studies, out of 17,000 students. Her sister and fellow All-Round Achiever, Nicole Daher, scored 97.0 and will do a degree in Speech and Hearing. School Captain, Ann-Maree Sarkis, was also awarded an excellent ATAR of 97.4 and plans to study Arts/Law. Congratulations!

After wonderful HSC results the Class of 2016 are heading off to university to do the following courses:

Macquarie University
Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Speech Hearing Language Science
Bachelor of International Studies with a Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of International Studies
Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Laws
University of Sydney
Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)
Bachelor of International and Global Studies
Bachelor of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a Bachelor of Medical Science
University of Newcastle
Bachelor of Podiatry
University of New South Wales
Bachelor of Design (Honours)
Bachelor of International Studies with a Bachelor of Media
Bachelor of Economics
University of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
Bachelor of Sport Exercise Science with a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
Western Sydney University
Bachelor of Business (Property)
Australian Catholic University
Bachelor of Nursing with a Bachelor of Business Administration
We wish the girls the very best as they head off on this new adventure!