Tangara student Katie Koslow (Year 10) and her sister, Tangara Old Girl Nina Koslow (Class of 2015), are the 2016 Australian National Champions in Synchronised Ice Skating - Junior Division!

After winning both the short and free program, the girls and their team, Majestic ice Junior won the national gold medal with a team and Australian record of 107 points, which is the highest score for a junior team in the last 10 years. Katie, Nina and their team are now in the Australian National Squad and have been selected to compete in the 2017 Junior World Synchronised Skating Championships in Canada in March 2017.

Congratulations Katie and Nina, this is a wonderful achievement. 

By Marge Olaso, Year 9

Mount Kosciuszko is the highest peak in Australia, over 2200 m high. It was first climbed by Paweł Strzelecki. Now it’s my turn.

You read that correctly: I’m climbing Mount Kosciuszko in February 2017, along with my family and 19 other teams. All of the teams will be supporting at least one person with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is the most common disability in childhood. Around 17 million people live with this incurable condition worldwide. It affects the way we move and sometimes even how we think. In my case, I have spastic diplegia, which means that mainly my legs are affected, as well as my motor skills. No matter how we are affected, from mild to severe (there really is a very broad spectrum), it is a true challenge to climb a mountain - actually, it would probably be a challenge for many ‘normal’ people as well!

This is why we’d like your support. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and their partners have presented us with this extraordinary opportunity - now we want to give back by raising money for them. All proceeds go towards new gym equipment in CPA branches and therapy services for other people - not just kids! - like me.

Please donate! It would be a great help to the wonderful organisation that continues to make a difference in the lives of people with cerebral palsy.

You may read my story here: https://krazykosciklimb2017.everydayhero.com/au/marge

Thank you in advance for supporting this very worthy cause!

Congratulations to Ellessia Rinaldi who has been selected in the NSW U17s Futsal Team to compete in the Futsal National Championships at Sydney Olympic Park in January.

This is Ellessia’s fourth time being selected in the NSW team, where she will be the main goalie.

We wish Ellessia all the best for the Championships!


On Monday NSW parliament hosted the 22nd State Constitutional Convention at Parliament house which I was lucky enough to attend! There was a record 150 students with over a third from regional schools. Many schools across the state were represented and I was able to meet many unique and interesting people. The focus topic was referendums and plebiscites, with the Keynote Address given by Professor Anne Twomey, Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Constitutional Reform Unit at Sydney Law School. Professor Anne Twomey was able to make what seemed like a dry subject very intriguing!

After discussing the 1916 and 1917 plebiscite on conscription in small groups, we had to present our findings to the assembly. Finally participants elected 30 delegates to represent NSW at the National Constitutional Convention to be held in Canberra next year. I am honoured to have been chosen and can’t wait to continue the discussion in Canberra. It was quite challenging but well worth the time and effort!

Taris Watson

2017 Tangara School Captain

On Wednesday 2nd November, Tangara student Evelyn Yu (Year 10) received the Minister's Award for her achievements in studying Chinese, and being actively involved in community service and cultural exchanges between Australians and Chinese. Evelyn received her award from Hon Leslie Williams, MP, Assistant Minister for Education.

Upon receiving the award, Evelyn said she was honoured to be recognised for her contribution to the community, and shared her experience of growing in appreciation for the Chinese language.

"I have been learning Cantonese through the Chinese Catholic Community for the past 11 years. I am very honoured to receive the Minister's Award for 2016,” Evenly stated during her speech.

“I use my knowledge of Chinese to do monthly visits to Fairlea Nursing Home in Harris Park where I visit the Chinese elderly and play bingo with them.”

Evelyn was one of the 5 senior students who received this award out of 300 nominations, received from 260 community language schools, speaking 37 different languages.

We congratulate Evelyn on this great honour and outstanding achievement.

To close the Year of Mercy in a very special way, Tangara hosted the “Way of Mercy” that has been travelling through many Churches and Schools in the Parramatta Diocese.
On Friday 4th November, during the First Friday Eucharistic Vigil, Tangara was privileged to have a relic of St Mary MacKillop, a relic from St Teresa of Calcutta as well as the Mercy Cross on the School grounds.
Every class in the School had an opportunity to pray in the Chapel throughout the day, and following Benediction at 2pm, Tangara’s Primary students held a special assembly to conclude the day, during which they sang the theme song for World Youth Day 2016, “Blessed are the Merciful.”
Friday’s Vigil provided everyone in the School community an opportunity to reflect on the Year of Mercy and consider how we will continue to live mercy and service in the future.
We thank the Diocese of Parramatta for making out special day of mercy possible.


This year, as part of National Science Week, students in years 7 – 10 were invited to take part in the Education Perfect Science Championships. This required the students to access material from year 7 – 12 on the website and for every question they answered correctly, they earned points which count towards certificates and prizes.

The following students will be awarded certificates from Education Perfect.

BRONZE AWARD (1000+ points)
Simoni Shirwadkar (Year 7 – 1091 points)
Bianca Acevedo (Year 8 – 1674 points)
Jasmine Aitken (Year 8 – 1162 points)
Jayda Watson (Year 10 – 1387 points)
SILVER AWARD (2000+ points)
Magdalena Fernandez (Year 10 – 2684 points)
GOLD AWARD (3000+ points)
Faith Touma (Year 8 – 4640 points)
Annalise Ung (Year 10 – 5090 points)
Magdalena continued to complete questions and has been awarded a $100 voucher from Education Perfect for a pizza or sushi lunch for her class.
Congratulations to the Bronze, Silver and Gold recipients, and to all who participated in the Championships! 


On Tuesday 1 November, Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Bishop of Parramatta, addressed the staff and students at Tangara School for Girls during an afternoon High School assembly.

Bishop Long was born in Vietnam and came to Australia as a boat person 36 years ago. During his address, the Bishop reflected in the very difficult situation of boat people today, noting that if he was seeking asylum in Australia in 2016, he would never have been able to settle here. The Bishop shared his passion for social justice, stating that caring for the vulnerable is a Gospel imperative and a fundamental element of the teachings of Jesus.

“As Christians we have a duty towards migrants and refugees,” Bishop Long said.

“We have to build bridges to help people and care for their humanity, recognising that every person has fundamental dignity as human beings, made in the image and likeness of God.”

Bishop Long added that it is so important young students to form a conscience that is centred on Christ. Reflecting on the Gospel of the Beatitudes, the Bishop reminded students that each us are called to be saints - and to do achieve this we need to live the beatitudes well wherever we are.

Bishop Long applauded the Christian ethos that is lived out very evidently at Tangara, noting that the students who are fortunate enough to have the support of a School such as Tangara have an obligation to serve society.

“I hope that each one of you will become real witnesses of Christ, labourers for Jesus, people who will infiltrate society and change our culture,” Bishop Long said.

“By equipping yourself with academic learning, you are also equipping yourself with the Gospel. In this way you can be real witnesses of Christ in society.”

The Bishop concluded with some words of hope, explaining he would not be who he is today if it was not for the most difficult times in his life. He encouraged Tangara’s staff and students to remain positive in the face of adversity, and through prayer, to remain a source of hope for all we encounter.

“Thank you for being the future face of our country and of the. May that hope, faith and love form you into the persons God has destined you to be.”

In the photo from left to right: Charlotte Sarkis (Tangara Vice-Captain), Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Bishop of Parramatta, and Taris Watson (Tangara School Captain).