by Mercedes Dunn and Jessica Vala, Yr 12

Last week, art students from Years 10, 11 and 12 visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales to gain inspiration and critique the Bodies of Work completed by the art students of 2018. This year we were all very keen and curious, especially the Year 12s, on what lay ahead of us considering the fact that the Year 12s are currently working on their own Bodies of Work. There were collections of artworks from traditional oil paintings to edited photographs all with intriguing concepts. Many artworks were thought-provoking, bright and colourful, or even just plain odd! There was one 3D composition of common technological appliances with body parts incorporated into it, like the use of fingers as typewriter keys!

After lunch we were able to explore the rest of the gallery looking at works from the great Margaret Preston and her self portrait, as well as Von Guerard with his huge scale landscapes and more famous Australian works. By exploring the Gallery, we gained further knowledge on artworks and various creative materials used by artists, again contributing to a very inspiring day for each individual student.

A huge thank you goes to the teachers , Mrs Kroeger, Mrs John and Mrs Engesser who accompanied us and made this amazing day possible. These remarkable artworks broadened our imaginations and provided further inspiration for our own works as well as delivering an enjoyable day out for all students and the teachers. We’re all very enthusiastic about completing our own works now, as it rekindled the passion we all have for the splendid subject of Visual Arts.