The Year 6 classes from Tangara School for Girls have recently undertaken an educational tour of the national capital. The girls were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs which focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.
The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizen Education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government contributes funding towards these costs under the Parliament
and Civics Education Rebate Program. The rebate will be paid directly to the school. Following is reflection about the excursion by Elouise Pelaez from 6 Navy.
Year 6, A Canberra Trip to Remember
 By Elouise Pelaez
Weeks, even months ago, Year 6 began to fill with anticipation, as we talked about the excitement we would have during our two-day Canberra Trip.
The day finally came. It was Canberra time! As soon as we boarded to our double decker bus, we were all just about ready to burst with energy. After a short drive, we stopped for a quick snack ensuring we were fuelled for a hectic day. Before long, Year 6 were thrilled to cross the border that separated ACT from NSW.
Year 6 represented Tangara in the Parliament House. We learnt some history, about our Federal Government and where laws are made. Visiting the House of Representatives and the Senate gave us an opportunity for a role play. We enacted a scene in the Senate. Year 6 made strong arguments, but at the end of the day the opposition won.
The War Memorial offered us many ways to understand what the brave soldiers have done for Australia. It also highlighted that it’s not just soldiers but also nurses, doctors, animals, men, women and children who were all a part of war. “For those to leave but never return. For those who return but are never the same. We remember.”
At the National Dinosaur Museum, Year 6 found out what the dinosaurs did in the dark as we walked into the Cretaceous, the Jurassic and the Triassic periods The wonderful lights in the dark, illuminated the dinosaurs.
It was time to go to our cabin and call it a night, Day 1 was a delightful time and we managed to sleep safe and sound.
On Day 2, we first visited The National Museum of Australia to learn first-hand about our Australian History. How thrilling it was to be able to see all the collections from our history. We felt like we actually lived in the past. Many girls were keen to see Phar Lap’s heart, the fastest horse in the early years of Great Depression. Its huge heart, weighing 6.35 kilograms was on display.
Next we entered the Electoral Education Centre, where we were helped to understand the voting system. Yes, we are under voting age but we were given the opportunity to vote in a simulated election.
Last of all, the highlight of our trip, was Questacon! We experienced all the science exhibits. We got to solve puzzles, walk through an Earthquake Lab and see a huge lightning strike. In fact, some girls conquered their fear of heights and went on the amazing Freefall!
Canberra was a trip to remember! Thanks to our teachers Mrs Shackle, Mrs Barbero, Miss Gulyas and Mrs Ledlin, who were gracious and gave up their time ensuring our trip to Canberra was fantastic.