Finally, we are proud to announce the court debut of TOGS’ first ever, official basketball team. Leading up to our first game on 29 April we were excited to be able to commit to a team sport where we had the opportunity to exercise while enjoying the social aspect, seeing old friends.

Our team consists of Clare Boddy and Dani Weston (Class of 2013), Vivienne Pintado, Catherine Jaucian, Dana Cuevas, Charlotte Pearce and Cecilia Neville (Class of 2014). Sadly we lost our first game but we were just warming up. We look forward to dominating over the course of the season. 

A special thanks goes to TOGS for helping to fund our team and making this possible! We invite our Tangara family, past and present, to feel welcome to come and support us anytime. We are more than happy to be your mid-week entertainment! So grab the Fred (their world-famous hot chips) and cheer us on at 6.30pm, Wednesdays.