Welcome to Tangara Old Girls Society.

Tangara now has more than 900 graduates scattered across the world. Tangara Old Girls Society (TOGS) aims to facilitate opportunities for Old Girls to maintain, develop and strengthen friendships with each other and build new ones through networking events.

The Society supports annual class reunions; encourages professional and educational networking; community service and sporting activities, and TOGS mothers with children. Regardless of one’s stage in life, TOGS is a means for Old Girls to support each other in their post-­school lives.

The Society enjoys a close relationship with the School and gives Old Girls opportunities to volunteer at Tangara, mentoring current students in careers, debating and sports coaching, assisting with courses, camps and school musicals.

TOGS Executive

President: Jessica Abrams (Class of 2008)

Vice President: Bernadette Casey (Class of 2006)

Treasurer: Josephine Faehrmann (Class of 2004)

Secretary: Jane Doherty (Class of 2008)

Social Media Coordinator: Mary Louise James (Class of 2006)

Events Coordinators: Jane Doherty & Josephine Faehrmann

Mothers Group Coordinator: Stephanie Jaucian (Class of 2001)

Sports Coordinator: Lucy Faehrmann (Class of 2015)

Community Service Coordinators: Cecilia Abrams (Class of 2011), Leigh McLeod (Class of 2011)

Careers Coordinators: Melanie Supan (Class of 2005) & Marguerite Harb (Class of 2015)

School Liaison: Bronwyn Sammut (Class of 1996)