Virtues Program

Fostering the development of character means helping students grow in the good habits - the virtues - each one needs to flourish as human beings, including responsibility, good judgment, resilience and self-control.

Tangara’s Virtues Program teaches our students not just the meaning of these virtues in a theoretical way, but more importantly how they can personally live out these virtues in their study, in the playground, and at home with their families.

In the Infants years, virtue is taught through themed units of work covering Obedience and Courtesy, Generosity and Friendship, Best Work and Best Efforts, and Responsibility.

In Primary there are weekly lessons on virtue. The teacher and students discuss the virtue in focus and its practical implications. There is also input from Secondary student mentors who provide positive role models for the younger girls.

There are weekly ‘Mottos’ to bring the virtue in focus and help to integrate it into all aspects of school and home life.

The REAL Program in Years 7 to 10 fosters the love for an authentic, 'real' character, rather than the fake, superficial images often promoted to girls by the media and society. REAL stands for Real Excellence and Attitude for Life. Modules include internet ethics and safety, friendships, resilience, emotional intelligence, leadership, and workshops challenging the hyper-sexualisation of girls.