14th February, 2018

Happy Birthday Tangara!

 This week marks Tangara’s 37th birthday. We have come a long way since that first day at Fox Valley Road, with two teachers, seventeen students and twelve families. While many things have changed since then, what makes Tangara special has not. This is one of the messages from the recent parent, student and teacher surveys. There was strong endorsement for the two essential elements at the heart of our School: the Tutorial System and our living Catholic faith. There were also many good ideas for growth and improvement. I look forward to sharing more with you at our KPF on Friday week.

Kick Starting Study Skills

Next week Elevate Education begins its series of workshops for Years 7 to 12. Elevate has researched the study habits of thousands of past students. Our girls will learn the skills and secrets they need to maximise their marks. Teaching these habits early, and reinforcing them, equips our girls with the confidence and skills they need to achieve their personal best throughout Secondary, to the HSC and beyond.

Healthy Minds

Child and adolescent mental health seems to be increasingly in the spotlight. The Tangara teachers and tutors receive regular professional development about student wellbeing, particularly about the challenges of managing anxiety and depression. I have come across a website, Generation Next, which has some really useful resources, including articles, podcasts and youtube videos. It offers information and practical strategies on issues such as managing problematic online gaming, anxiety, fostering positive body image, encouraging healthy media consumption, understanding the teenage brain, and lots more.

One article highlights the link between anxiety and the pressures of social media which drive feelings of inadequacy. Tangara’s own Screen Smart is another helpful resource to guide parents in their decisions about technology use in the family.

I look forward to seeing you all at our KPF, Friday 22 February.

Dr Katrina George