19 October 2018


Our HSC girls survived their first examination yesterday, paper one of English. The questions were quite challenging, but the girls were all relieved to get started finally. There is still a way to go, so please keep the Class of 2018 in your prayers.

Year 5 through to Year 10 also face exams in the middle of this term. Students will receive their study guides soon, and Secondary have the benefit of the Elevate strategies, so it should be heads down!

Teaching Impulse Control

Achieving their personal best in these exams will take a lot of self-discipline. I came across one study that found that childhood self-control is twice as important as intelligence in predicting academic achievement. It starts at a very young age, and parenting styles are very influential. Another study showed that toddlers with over-controlling ‘helicopter’ parents are less able to control their impulses as they grow up, resulting in poor social skills and behavioural problems at school.

Apart from academic success, self-control is an extremely useful life skill. Children who know how to control their impulses will think through choices and focus on goals, rather than how they feel in the moment. They are able to experience emotions without being dominated by them.

The good news is, whether you have a toddler or a teenager, you can teach your child impulse control techniques. This is the focus of Motto Cafe next Tuesday. Come along at 8.30am in the front admin building to learn some tips and tricks over a cup of tea or coffee. All parents and friends are welcome.

Twilight Christmas Market - 11 November

Double check that 11 November is in your diary … that’s Tangara’s Twilight Market. There will be art and craft, Christmas gifts, gourmet food, amusement rides and plenty of entertainment. Not only will Twilight be enormous fun, it will be a big boost to our fundraising for completion of our Multi-Purpose Hall performance space. Thank you to the parents who are working very hard to make it all happen. They need help! Please click below if you can volunteer.

Dr Katrina George