30 November 2017


Cyber Smart

One of the biggest challenges young people face is learning how to maximise the benefits of technology and avoid the pitfalls. Nearly every day there is a media report about cyber bullying, screen addiction or online predators.

This week and next, police youth liaison officers are speaking with our Primary and Secondary students about protecting themselves online. Constable Lynda Hart highlighted today that teenagers may be committing criminal offences if they take, send or receive explicit photos or videos. She talked about the devastating impact of inappropriate online activity on mental health, reputation and even future job prospects

“When we post material online,” she said, “the moment we press the button we lose ownership of it. Before you post something, do the ‘Nanna Test’. Ask yourself: would I show this to my Nanna? If the answer is no, don’t post it.”

The School is committed to working with our parents to promote the safe, responsible and ethical use of technology. Don’t forget Screen Smart, our recommendations about technology use in the family. The aim is to gradually move a young child from minimal use of technology under close parental supervision, towards an appreciation of appropriate criteria through dialogue with parents, and ultimately to free and responsible self-regulation.

Congratulations Yiling McGregor!

Tangara’s very own Yiling McGregor has been selected to showcase her HSC Visual Arts creation at ARTEXPRESS, an annual exhibition featuring exemplary bodies of work from NSW HSC students. Out of 9000 Visual Arts students across NSW, 400 were nominated and just 175 works have been selected. Yiling created colour pencil portraits of Sylvia Plath, F. Scott Fitzgerald, May Gibbs and Franz Kafka. “My major work aims to draw attention to the similar role of both artist and author in contributing to the culture of a time - it’s history, it’s atmosphere, it’s sentiments,” explains Yiling. Her work will tour the state, commencing at the Art Gallery of NSW on 26 January. Well done!

Dr Katrina George