11th April, 2019

NAPLAN Success

The 2018 NAPLAN results were finally released on the My School website yesterday. It is great news for Tangara students!

Our girls achieved strongly in literacy and numeracy, compared with students from similar schools. When compared with all Australian students, Tangara students achieved above, or substantially above, the average on every indicator.

More importantly, the results show how Tangara successfully grows our girls. Between Years 3 and 5, Years 5 and 7, and Years 7 and 9, on average, Tangara students showed more gain than students from similar schools, and higher gain than students who had the same starting point.

While we all understand that there is much more to a well-rounded education than NAPLAN scores, we are thrilled with the results. They demonstrate Tangara’s commitment to grow every child academically, so that each one achieves her or his personal best. Of course our focus is also on the spiritual, social, physical and emotional growth of every child. I congratulate the students on their excellent progress, and thank the teachers, tutors and our parents for such a successful partnership.

Maths Day

Today Secondary is celebrating all things Maths! Students are participating in STEM workshops, focussed on developing their understanding and application of 3D geometry and engineering: Sierpinski Triangle Origami; the Egg Drop Challenge; Newspaper Building Challenge; Bridge Design Challenge; and the Roller Coaster Design Challenge. Who said Maths couldn’t be fun?

Happy Easter!

I enjoyed the traditional Easter Hat Parade this week with the Infants children. As well as the colourful hats, the children sang about the message of hope and new life.

Easter is a beautiful season. Life brings many challenges, and every family has its share of difficulties. The Easter story reminds us to keep on hoping. Our greatest sorrows can be transformed to triumph when we love deeply and give selflessly. I wish you all a holy and happy Easter.


Dr Katrina George