Friday, 13th March, 2020
After an estimated 266 Rust and Navy’s, it is hard to believe I am writing my last one … and just when I was getting the hang of it!

Congratulations to our IPSHA and Hills Zone Swimmers on their recent performances. A special congratulations to Olivia Kim (Year 3) who qualified for CIS Swimming. A number of Secondary girls have qualified for AICES Swimming: Brianna Chiha-Hunter, Claudia Alloggia, Hannah Ng, Maya McMullen, Andrea Bennett and Sarah Woodbury. We wish them the best of luck for their upcoming competitions.

Working Together To Build Character

Parents, don’t forget to have a chat with your children now and then about what they’re learning in GIVE or, in Secondary, REAL. The Infants and Primary are focussing on the virtue of helpfulness. Secondary have been working on their Class ‘Compact of Excellence’, setting up the expectations for the year. You can read them elsewhere in this Rust and Navy. There is an essential relationship between character formation and academic development. The Compacts recognise that effective classrooms have high standards. For the girls, this is a two-part challenge: (1) to do your best work and (2) to be your best in relationships with other people. The girls agreed on some rules to achieve this challenge in their class. I am sure you will be impressed to read what they came up with.

Open Day

Don’t forget Open Day next Wednesday. The most effective promotion of Tangara has always been our parents sharing their positive experiences with others. Do you know someone who might ‘connect’ with our approach to character formation and academic excellence? Do you have a friend, relative or colleague who might value our personal mentoring system? Please encourage them to attend Open Day next week.

Trivia Night - Book Your Tickets!

Just one week to go before the Term 1 entertainment extravaganza. Get a table of friends together and purchase your tickets now. It promises to be a fun night and there are lots of great prizes.

Signing Off

Thank you for your kind messages since the announcement of my departure. I wasn’t sure how to end this last Rust and Navy, so I sought inspiration from Google, specifically ‘The Top Farewell Quotes of All Time’. I cannot say it any better than Winnie-the-Pooh: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Goodbye and thank you.

Dr Katrina George