22 February 2018

Small Talk, Big Talk

Small talk is an important part of our relationships, whether with family, colleagues, or the stranger in the supermarket aisle. At school, some of the most entertaining small talk is with the young students. Yesterday was one example. I had a passing conversation with a Year 2 student. It went something like this:

Student: “I love your high heals, Dr George.”
Me: “Thanks. I’m glad you like them.”
Student: “My Mum says I can’t wear heels until I am 44.”
Me: “Well, I think your Mum is right.”
Student: “How old are you Dr George?”
Me: “I’m older than that, so I’m allowed to wear high heels.”
Student: “Okay, have a good day!”

I laughed a lot (to myself!) after this exchange. It got me thinking. In a digital world, where so much communication is highly impersonal, small talk is extremely valuable. It helps us stop, even briefly, and see the person in front of us. It’s how we find common bonds (such as love for high heels) and get a sense of who people really are. In this way, as author Susan RoAne puts its, “small talk is the biggest talk we do.” 


The clouds were grey, but there was fantastic House spirit at our Swimming Carnival on Tuesday. Evelyn Yu of Year 12 set three records: 18 Years Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke. Well done! The winning Houses and age champions will be announced next week.

There are a number of other sporting congratulations. First to our Tangara Open Basketball Team who achieved 2nd place at the Hills Zone Open Basketball Championships last week. Also to Chelsea Hudson and Catherine Murphy who were selected into the Hills Zone Open Basketball Team to play in the AICES Open Basketball Championships in a fortnight. Congratulations also to Mollie Faehrmann and Gabriela Fernandez who were selected to represent IPSHA at the CIS Basketball Trials this week. Good luck!

Landscape Fundraiser - Can You Contribute?

Elsewhere in this Rust and Navy, you will find ideas for contributing to our landscape improvement plan. We want our children to enjoy a beautiful, tranquil environment where they can rest, socialise, and appreciate the value of nature. We need your support, financial and in-kind to move ahead … please help!

Dr Katrina George