14 June 2018

Empowering our Girls

It has never been easy to be a teenage girl, and the hypersexualised messages bombarding young women today intensify the pressure. Girls routinely start their day scrolling through a social media feed of ‘perfect’ bodies, and ‘role models’ like the Kardashians and Beyoncé . Sex is presented as a consequence-free action and ‘hotness’ as a woman’s most valuable quality.

It is so important to challenge these toxic messages and equip our girls to think for themselves. Today our Senior students participated in a seminar led by Katie Kobler. Inspired by the resilience she encounters in young women, Katie’s essential message is “who you are is enough”. She drew the girls into a conversation about body image, sexting, the impact of pornography and respectful relationships. Katie spoke with both authority and compassion, sharing her own life experiences as a teenager, and now wife and mother of three. She left the girls with the hope that truly loving relationships are possible, and a conviction in their personal value and dignity.

June 26 - St Josemaria’s Feastday

Tangara was founded by a group of parents and educators who came together with a shared educational vision, inspired by the teachings of St Josemaría Escriva. These ideas shape Tangara’s distinctive identity today: the conviction that genuine education should be ‘all round’, including academic excellence and character development; the importance of one-on-one care for every student, so that education is personal; and the irreplaceable role of parents in forming their children.

Another recent saint, St John Paul II, called St Josemaría the ‘Saint of Ordinary Life’. St Josemaría’s message was simple, but radical: every single person can – and should! – be holy. The annual Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in honour of St Josemaría is coming up on Tuesday week. Everyone is welcome.

Dr Katrina George