The shield, an oval shape, displays a towering gum against a midnight sky.

The eucalyptus invariably grows straight and stands tall, and symbolises for us the way in which our children must grow – “Ad Summam Virtutem” – "Towards the Fullness of Virtue".

The tree has many leaves "so that all the birds can come and settle in its branches" (Mathew XIII, v.32). No one is to be excluded from the honest pursuit of the true and the good.

Although a robust specimen, the tree is alone, the first to grow on the rich, red earth where there is still much to be done. Society awaits the sowing of the good seed of real knowledge and wisdom to fill the arid wastes of ignorance; the sincere practice of virtue aided by faith promises a harvest of many good people capable of changing our world for the better.

The land is Australia, and the time is now, the eve of a new era. The Southern Cross which alone illuminates the sparse landscape is, amid the darkness, like that other Cross: the only sure and saving guide.