Our four houses are the names of places synonymous with great and noble deeds. All of our animal 'mascots' may be found in ancient and medieval literature.

Siena – Birthplace and bastion of Catherine, the unrivalled peace-maker warrior saint.
• Symbol: the phoenix, an indestructible creature which 'rises from the ashes' with renewed energy.
• Colour: The Terracotta of Catherine's fortress city.

Atlantis – The fabled lost perfect civilisation of antiquity.
• Symbol: the dolphin, a gentle yet strong creature of the sea.
• Colour: Aquamarine blue, for the waters in which Atlantis is thought to lie.

La Mancha – From whence the Man who would "run where the brave dare not go"
• Symbol: the griffin, a noble, winged dragon known to have assisted chivalrous knights.
• Colour: Silver, for the formidable sword and shield of the "Man of La Mancha".

Tintagel – Where it is believed King Arthur was born, and where he may have first formed the Knights of the Round Table and pursued the dream of 'might for right'.
• Symbol: the unicorn, a Medieval horned horse known for its swiftness and strength.
• Colour: Forest green, for the giant sentinels in the woods surrounding the court of the mighty Arthur Pedragon.